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Valet Manager Resume

Job applicants always look for a perfect resume. Resumes are scanned to find the perfect applicant. The job is a tough one. This valet manager resume example provides an overview idea of writing a great resume. The template is effective enough to attract the interest of the employer. It will meet all the requirements of the employe exactly. It will make your understanding clear on the ways of drafting a resume that answers a job interview. This resume will take you to the top of other job applicant. The job descriptions of the profile have been given to provide a clear idea of the skills and job responsibilities of the position.

A valet manager provides management services to the parking staff. The job profile of a valet manager is to manage the parking areas. One can apply for the position of a valet manager in corporate sector, commercial business organization, hospitals, airports, and hotels.

The essential duties of a valet manager are providing support in operational functions, monitoring and supervising the staff, planning task schedule of staff, providing assistance to the guests in parking vehicles, monitoring proper traffic flow, providing vehicle tags, planning valet operational plans and strategies, overseeing day to day parking operations, preparing staff reports, supervising drivers, assisting the guests in parking vehicles in a safe manner, preparing monthly billing reports, planning measures measurable for improving operational efficiency, managing parking areas, metering parking decks, providing support in business operations, handling contract management activities, hiring and training staff, and providing integrated service in the operation of valet services.

The job of a valet manager requires sound knowledge of parking citations, parking facilities, parking operation guidelines, and valet operation standards. The job of a valet manager demands a diploma in high school with good hands in experience in parking operations. A valet manager should possess excellent communication, management, supervisory, and management skills.

Sample Valet Manager Resume

Sarllin Fedrick
720 Waubonsee St, Bestynn, Illinois
Cell: 134-704-1169

Career Objective:

Seeking a position of a valet manager with the goal of providing operational management and services in an organization that offers professional growth and development

Professional Knowledge & Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of valet operation standards, parking facilities, and parking guidelines
  • In-depth knowledge of access card programming software, large parking systems, and parking technologies
  • Extensive knowledge of PSI Service Standards, communication systems, and payroll data processing
  • Possess excellent communication, monitoring, organizational, and supervisory skills
  • Ability to maintain confidential information and work independently

Professional Experience:

Organization: Jauagr Inc, Illinois
Duration: March 2010 till date
Designation: Valet Manager

  • Handle the tasks of supervising the parking area and general appearance of the facility
  • Assigned the responsibilities of providing uniform with names and employee code to the parking staff
  • Perform the tasks of ensuring that the parking area is maintained in a neat and clean manner and ensures maintenance of the Parking System standards
  • Responsible for providing training sessions to the new staff in parking operation as per the outlined policies and procedures
  • Assigned the responsibilities of monitoring the gate and cashier booth and perform inspection in case of suspicious observation
  • Handle the tasks preparing gate entry tickets and ensure that correct sequence is provided to the guest
  • Responsible for updating the manager informed on any changes to the operation, as required

Organization: Parking Corp, Illinois
Duration: April 2008 to February 2010
Designation: Assistant Valet Manager

  • Assigned the tasks of checking materials at the gate and update the manager on the operation on a daily basis
  • Handled the responsibilities of responding to customer complaints and planning valet operational plans and strategies
  • Performed the tasks of assisting the guests in parking vehicles in a safe manner as well as routine checkup of parking areas
  • Responsible for metering parking decks, maintaining budgeted payroll, and handle accounting of tickets
  • Assigned the tasks of managing parking areas as well as hiring and training the staff

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Diploma in High School, Illinois Standard School, 2008

It is important to develop a perfect resume because it is passed through many employers before the interview process. Keep your resume focused on the job skills and job experience. The most important part to emphasize is the section and the style of organizing the information. The above resume will enable you to come up with a resume that really counts in the job application process. This resume will make you familiar on the basic fundamentals of writing a resume.

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