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UNIX Manager Resume

Often resumes for manager position lack certain key areas even through the individuals have great job experience. The most common mistake is that the information does not stand to the requirement of the employer. The result is a resume that does not yield the desired or positive result. To make the concept of writing effective, a free resume sample has been updated for reference. This UNIX manager resume addresses the most vital point that the employer looks for in the position. Get to know the information that needs to be updated in your resume to get that great opportunity of getting the job interview. This sample template is for your reference.

UNIX manager is a software engineer who is expert in providing technical support, especially for UNIX operating systems. The main job of a UNIX manager is to provide end to end support in the implementation, configuration, and management of UNIX systems.

The duties of a UNIX manager include maintaining and monitoring UNIX operating systems, providing technical support of UNIX platform, software and risk management, monitoring the performance and availability of server, troubleshooting internal protocol networks, identifying faulty in UNIX systems, monitoring and providing guidelines in the installation and administration of servers, running applications of the server, monitoring SAN and backup infrastructure, providing technical guidelines in project management, supporting multiple platforms, administrating the EMC SAN technologies, planning work schedules, assessing the progress of work, integrating technologies in UNIX servers, conducting research on tools and products, preparing periodic reports, providing technical leadership and guidance, providing backup services and many more.

To apply the position of a UNIX manager, it is mandatory to possess a bachelor's degree in computer science. The job requires sound knowledge of system configuration standards and protocols, UNIX server environment, system logic, network enterprise environment, and system backup and recovery. The job demands excellent communication, analytical, troubleshooting, and analytical skills.

Sample UNIX Manager Resume

Charlie Hucks
52639 Larrold St, Charlotte, NC 28226
Contact Details: (333)-642-9058

Career Summary:

Hands on experience in the overall management and monitoring of UNIX operating systems and multi-platform server environment. Looking a position as a UNIX manager in a prestigious organization

Professional Credentials:

  • Knowledge of UNIX system administration procedures, standard practices and methodologies
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cloud management system, Microsoft Enterprise-class software, and software management tools
  • In-depth knowledge of system security procedures, system administration, and UNIX environment best practices
  • Sound knowledge of IT process framework, network topologies, cloud technologies, and system configuration and administration procedures
  • Skilled in handling multiple projects and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills

Professional Background:

Organization: Dynamics Engineering, NC
Duration: 2011 -Present
Designation: UNIX Manager

  • Handle the tasks of monitoring the day-to-day operations of UNIX operating systems and cloud-based infrastructures
  • Responsible for capacity planning, planning production environments, and automating the operational processes
  • Assigned the responsibilities of developing and implementing business goals and objectives
  • Perform the tasks of managing large-scale web UNIX deployment process, resource planning, and project management activities
  • Handle the responsibilities of providing technical support in production and backend support systems to meet customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for overseeing the applications and operation of technologies

Organization: IT Services, NC
Duration: 2009 -2011
Designation: Junior UNIX Manager

  • Assigned the responsibilities of implementing corrective action plans to solve software issues
  • Responsible for maintaining and operating Hotwires site uptime and prepare site maintenance schedules
  • Performed the responsibilities of managing and reviewing the performance of project team
  • Responsible for assisting UNIX manager in developing operational processes of UNIX environment
  • Assigned the responsibilities of providing technical guidance and best technical knowledge to the project team
  • Handled the tasks of providing site problems in 24X7 as well as performed other essential duties

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Bachelor Degree of Science in Computer Engineering, NC University 2008

This resume will enhance your skills and abilities of generating a great resume. It will also give you a job interview. Remember that it is the perfectly drafted resume that works in the long run process. A good resume is one that is drafted in a simple and effective manner. The resume given in the page is an example of a good resume. It focuses on all the vital sections required for building a resume that gains the interest of the employer.

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