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Training Manger Resume

Business today has its hold on every other sector; education and learning is no exception. Since there is a sea of institutes that conduct various training programs, management is of dire need. A training manager is recruited to take care of the management of the various aspects in the institution. Lets have look at the job responsibilities of a training manager:

  • To take regular feedback from the students about the training staff.
  • Responsible to keep a check on the attendance, punctuality and teaching methodologies of the trainers.
  • Responsible to keep a track of the study material; published and dispatched.
  • Responsible to recruit content developers for study material.
  • Responsible to make arrangements for the training and exam venue, class schedules etc.

Now, as you know the job responsibilities of a Training Manager lets move on to how to write a resume. To start with, lets make clear what a resume is. It is neither a letter nor should be written as an essay. It is the description of your past and present education as well as career details. Many people confuse it with essay writing and end up writing stories about themselves (how they got their first job etc.). Never attempt to write stories in your resume. For your reference, a sample training manager resume is provided. Read it carefully and note down the points you want to include in your resume. Use formal language and do not put greetings in it.

Sample Training Manager Resume:

Danny K. Ahmed
4561 Long Street
Brooksville, FL 34610
Email Address:
Contact Number: 663-432-4211

Career Objective:

I want to work as a Training Manager in an organization where I would be given the freedom to apply new methodologies to manage and ultimately increase the outputs.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Associate training manager in JJ International Coaching Pvt. Ltd., for 2 years. I worked as a part time employee in the same organization as an intern while studying Master of Business Administration.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration, State University of Brooksville, FL
  • Bachelors of business Administration, State University of Brooksville, FL
  • St. Anne Public High School, High School Certificate, Brooksville, FL

Work Experience:

Industry: JJ International Coaching Pvt. Ltd.
Job title: Associate Training Manager
Duration: 2 years


  • To make a database of the training staff and send it to the Senior Training Manager
  • To make training schedules and implement them
  • Responsible to prepare the budget requirements and send it to the higher management personnel
  • Responsible to act as a medium between the training staff and organization
  • Responsible to prepare study material and recruit content developers
  • Responsible to implement new ideas to improve teaching methods
  • Responsible to make an excel sheet of the results of exams to senior managers
  • Responsible to keep a database of the qualification, teaching experience etc., of the trainers recruited
  • Responsible to post advertisements in newspaper regarding trainers
  • Responsible for promotion and advertisement of the institute
  • Responsible for arranging training for the staff
  • Responsible to update trainer and students about changes in syllabus, exam pattern etc.
  • Responsible to carry out appraisal meetings with the training staff
  • Responsible to suggest possible new locations to expand business
  • To make arrangements for awards and recognition for best performing trainers

Industry: JJ International Coaching Pvt. Ltd.
Job title: Intern
Duration: 6 months


  • To make a database of the trainers and students along with the resumes
  • Responsible to attend meetings to discuss the promotional events for institutions
  • Responsible to assist Senior Training Manager in preparing monthly reports
  • Responsible to interview trainers for appraisal with Associate Training Manager
  • To find out sites for promotion and putting advertisements
  • Contacting colleges and schools for giving seminars and presentations
  • To take feedback from training staff and students

Certifications and Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • SAP certification 6.0.1
  • CPA certification

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: 12, July 1972
  • Languages Known: English, Korean, Japanese, German(B2.2), Spanish
  • Hobbies: Adventure sports, sky diving, singing, dancing (Latin American, Hip-hop)


  1. Michelle M. Huffman
    78, floor C
    964 Clifford Street
    San Leandro, CA 94578
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 623-434-2342

  2. Rodney L. Roop
    76, KK Bl/c
    1068 Benson Street
    Eau Claire, WI 54701
    Contact Number: 6734-32-423-4

After reading the sample training manager resume given above, you would get some tips for writing a resume in this category. You can use the format mentioned here or you can use your own. Do not forget to keep basic things in mind such as grammar usage and language. You would definitely be able to write an impressive resume after reading the sample resume given above, happy writing!

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