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Training Development Manager Resume

Job Description:

For any business, training and developmental activities are essential in increasing the business competitive edge by increasing the value and capacity of the work force. Training is essential for the new entrants as well as the existing employees which may increase the quality of work of the staff resulting in business growth. These activities are the main responsibilities of the training development managers of a company.

A training development manager has to analyse the needs of the trainings and workshops for the benefit of the new staff and the long time employees. He or she has to create a training budget, implement programs, prepare the training and educational materials. The training manager has to monitor the training programs and modify them, if necessary, to improve the performances of the employees.

Nowadays, most of the State Governments are organising training programs for their employees on various subjects in order to enhance the efficiency of the employees and to adapt to new methodologies and technologies. It is needless to say that the companies have to arrange for the development training programs for the improvement of their businesses and this is the task assigned to the training development managers.

Grady D
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Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of a training development manager in a reputed business establishment or a company to prove my skills and to gain more experience in the field.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I am experienced in developing, evaluating and executing various training programs for the benefit of the employees in both technical and other forms of workshops.
  • I am aware of variety of human resources programs.
  • I can myself prepare the instructional design procedures, study materials and follow the required techniques.
  • I keep a record of training courses organised by the company and maintain procedure manuals.
  • I can conduct the training classes with good presentations.
  • I have deep knowledge of latest technologies and can teach how to apply them in respective businesses and establishments.

Professional Experience:

I am at present working as a training development manager in XYZ Marketing in Texas from January, 2007 to till date and my duties and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I have analysed the working facility, identified the deficiencies and planned to organise training programs to improve the overall performances of the employees.
  • Even there is a chain of improvement in all respects, I feel that the training is essential for the benefit of the company and the employees and I used to organise seminars, guest lectures from experts and necessary workshops.
  • I have been developing the training programs with necessary changes and modifications in accordance with the new curriculum.
  • I am maintaining good relationship with the partners and co-operate with them for the success of the training programs.

Moreover, I had worked as a training development supervisor in a marketing company in Texas from January, 2003 to December, 2006 and I had discharged the following responsibilities.

  • I assisted the training manager in organising various training programs and ensured the participation of all employees and contractors.
  • I was responsible for planning the training program formulation keeping in mind the company standards.
  • I was responsible for preparing the training budget and got the approval of the management.
  • I assisted the manager in assessing the need and time of the training programs.
  • The company has several branches and I used to organise the training programs at the places where the employees were working.

Educational Qualifications:

I have both the Bachelor's and Post Graduate degree In Human Resources Management from a reputed University in Texas.


I have great references and I shall disclose them at the time of interview or whenever demanded.

Even though the technologies have changed all the office functions and procedures, the employers are still expecting resumes from the job seekers and the resume has become an essential document. Your prospective employer needs to know how you are suitable for the job, the employer is looking for. It is not possible to meet the recruiters in person except at the time of interview. The resume is the best way to introduce you in absentia.

If you are applying for the position of a training development manager, it is mandatory to draft a training development manager resume and enclose the same with the application to be reviewed by the hiring managers. The importance of training development manager resume is that it should speak about your organising capacity in respect of training programs.

To give training to others, you must have been trained on several occasions and this participation might have developed your skills in the field and you have to invariable state these facts when you are preparing the details of training development manager resume.

Resumes, if prepared well, will earn you a place in the list of candidates to be interviewed and the rest lies with your performance at the discussion with the employers.

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