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Tooling Manager Resume

A tooling manager resume is written by a person who is experienced in the technical aspects of the production, customization and integration of tools to make sure that the machines keep tunning smoothly. The giant iron wheel or the era of industrialization dawned on the existence of human race somewhere in the mid 18th century to 19th century. It was the time that redefined forever how we lived, how we thought, and how we acted; it was the time of a great shift from being an agrarian society to an industrial society. The wheels of fortune, as it appeared, had started to move and along with it moved the human race towards a whole new dimension of existence. We started digging mines, discovering metals, and becoming metallurgists and miners. This shift towards development ironically divided the society into three classes- the proprietor class, the service class, and the worker class. Before this division, the society was basically made of three parts- the primary sector (including livestock, farming), the secondary sector (made of paid workers), and the tertiary sector (comprising of the services like repairmen, etc). But when industrialization blossomed, it caused an expansion in the secondary sector of paid workers. As machines started to roll, the owners called for more and more workers to operate them. This gave rise to the hysteria of materialism under whose heavy wheels the humanity crumbles till date.

Before we knew, we were hooked onto these machines and this state has prevailed till date only to manifest an increasing sense of impenetrable dependence over us. So, coming back to our previous point that is ascribing to the post of tooling manager, he is the person who works close to the machine workers and the floor manager and checks the machines from time to time to ensure their optimal performance and design and integrate new parts into the machines.

Following is a resume sample for this post that will guide you through the various nuances of writing an effective draft, with the inclusion of specific fixed elements, so that your draft turns out to be an effective resume and gets the attention of the recruiter in one go.

Tooling Manager Resume Sample

David Webb
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To utilize my skills in tooling, dying, integration and design in the field of tooling while working with a good company, where I could get enough chance to explore new challenges and further my capabilities.

Profile Summary

  • 3 years of rich experience in dye designing and lean manufacturing with Wooz Manufacturing in Chicago
  • 4 years of good experience in transfer and progressive dye designing with Turbo Corp. in Boston
  • Worked at my father's strip and layout workshop for 12 years before joining the industry.

Skill Set

  • Equipped with the skills in scrapping, layout, dye designing, and prototype building
  • Skillful at designing and customizing tools for different purposes
  • Good team work spirit with an ability to gel well with the teammates
  • Strong communication skills for communicating well with the supervisors and colleagues
  • Proficient in optimized resource management for ensuring less wastage and more production
  • Good time management skills for ensuring on-time delivery of tools and processed dies in order to keep the entire work flow running smoothly
  • Excellent at motivating subordinates with my good human resource management skills
  • Good at using computers and operating applications related to my job
  • Strong at handling multiple tasks whenever required

Work Experience

Wooz Manufacturing, Chicago
Mold Tooling Engineer (2009- Present)

  • Managed and serviced all plant tools and spares regularly
  • Developed tools and other fixtures like cogs and pistons depending upon the machine type and make
  • Responsible for troubleshooting any defect in the tooling process and providing assistance in installing new parts into the machines and scrapping of the old ones
  • Followed the budget plan and designed the production plan accordingly; asked for greater budget if logically and absolutely needed for ensuring quality
  • Followed the company procedures and rules in all aspects of my work

Turbo Corp., Boston
Asst. Tooling Manager (2005-2009)

  • Using CAD/ CAM for instrumentation designs for upgraded and optimized tools
  • Managed the automatic parts stamping process
  • Provided dye for different technical departments
  • Helped the tooling manager in setting up a new tooling process department for supporting greater number of machines in the factory


  • M.Tech in Fluid Mechanics, University of Illinois, 2004
  • Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois , 2002
  • Illinois Jr. High School, Iowa


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a tooling manager resume is written. Always, while wrying a resume, keep in mind the post for which you are applying and then write all the information that is relevant to that kind of job. This will help you in avoiding irrelevant content in your resume.

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