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Telecommunication Project Manager Resume

Job Description:

Telecommunication has become an essential part of the people in the world and provides many services like telephone, television, internet and wireless services to the business people as well as the common public. The responsibility of a telecommunication project manager is to direct specific projects or business units for a telecommunication organisation. He/she has to look after management, sales, provide technical expertise and financial positions.

The project manager has to review the documented project plans and execute the projects by identifying the resources needed. The project manager has to allot the staff their assigned duties and supervise the operation of the project and see that it is completed in time. He or she has the power to hire and train the employees and engage them in the project work.

The telecommunication project manager has the responsibility to discuss with the internal and external customers regarding necessary documents, review the progress reports and change the plans if found necessary. He/she has the responsibility to answer the queries of the customers.

The project manager also has the responsibility to complete the project within the allowed budget by tracking the working hours of the staff and expenses, keeping in mind the profitability, revenue and other bill rates. The project managers are also in charge of the entire computer network of the company including LAN and WAN and internet systems and he or she is assisted by a team of technical experts.

Sandra M
4152, Strop Hill Road
Phone: 404-854-7835

Job Objective:

I am seeking a position of a telecommunication project manager in a reputed company as am skilled in telecommunication technologies and eager to prove my skills and utilise my experience in the field, for both the organisation and for self.

Core Competencies:

I have deep and working knowledge in the following skills.

  • Project management
  • Profit growth
  • Training the staff
  • Team leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer relations and satisfaction

Professional Experience:

  • I am working as a project manager in ABC Company, Mexico from June, 2005 to till date.
  • I am overall in charge of project management and Telecom analyst service and am responsible for all telecommunication services and technology driven support in respect of 10 branches of my company.
  • All the above branches are provided with a call centre and I am in the charge of this centre.
  • I am acting as a second level technical analyst and am supporting about 250 users covering 6 branch offices.
  • I also provide project management service and take lead for all the project initiatives including Cisco wireless Local Area Network.

Prior to this employment, I was working as a telecommunications assistant in XYZ Corporation in Mexico from the year 2002 to April, 2005 and during my tenure, I had discharged the following responsibilities.

  • I was in charge of supervising all cable work projects and managed with the cable vendors in installation and maintenance of data and infrastructure services.
  • I was in charge of Telecom project management and structured cable engineering. I had to oversee the project integration and planning, technical construction management and quality control, operations and risk management, installation and repair services and attending to compliance reports.

Educational Qualifications:

I have passed a B. Tech degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Texas.


I am a certified Communications Distribution Designer.
I am also a certified telecommunications project manager.


The references are available on request.

In the hunt for a job, resume has become an essential document to be presented to your prospective employer. If the post, you are trying for, is highly technical in nature, you have to compulsorily prepare an informative resume to give a clear picture about your skills and experience and send it to the employer along with the application. For instance, if you are seeking the position of a telecommunication project manager, undoubtedly it is essential to submit a telecommunication project manager resume.

The importance of telecommunication project manager resume is that your extraordinary skills and achievements in the technology field should be incorporated without fail. This is because; these posts are filled up with people with great experience and skills. Most of the employers prefer only the experienced people, as there is no necessity to train them before joining the duty and they can directly be entrusted with the project works.

The details of telecommunication project resume should be given in a brief and concise form and restricted to one or two pages. To review one resume, the employer can devote a maximum of 30 seconds or a little over 30 seconds. During this short time, your resume should induce the reader to give a full reading. It is the responsibility of the candidate to prepare and design the resume to attract the hiring managers at the first sight itself.

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