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Telecom Operations Manager Resume

A telecom operations manager resume is written by a person who is an expert in handling the telecom department in a company and has a strong technical operations knowledge about the entire thing. Such posts are open for people with an engineering degree along with an MBA. This is a high level job, which means that there will be more responsibilities and more accountability. A telecom manager will determine the course of day to day work in his department and will oversee all the work with the help of junior managers/ supervisors. He has to go through the work reports on a regular basis and ensure that the work is going on as per plan and without any glitches.

A resume is an official document and a rather important one too. While drafting it one should be sure of all the points and flow of information. It is recommended that you go through a couple of resume samples before writing your own so as to get clarity over certain things. So, go through the following resume sample and get to know how to draft a professional resume.

Telecom Operations Manager Resume Sample

Gary Siborgh
11, Nonte Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To obtain a position in operations management in the telecom industry and work towards making the operations more effective and streamlined so as to serve the customers well.

Profile Summary

  • Excellent experience of 8 years in the field of telecommunications, handling various service operations for the companies.
  • Have done work in the field of managing VoIP services and developing, evaluating, and managing CCVP technologies for the customers
  • Played an instrumental role in developing new strategies and operations practices to streamline and optimize the processes for better results
  • Initiated training for the staff to add to their current knowledge and skills
  • Instrumental in conducting client/ customer need assessment so as to provide them with the required services with custom plans
  • Auditing processes based on fixed standards and conventions

Skill Set

  • Skills for working on multi-tier telecom environment
  • Equipped with the technical principles of telecommunication and all the procedures involved there in
  • Skillful at multi-tasking and also ensuring that the jobs are done as per the desired standards and reap in the expected results
  • Good time management skills for successful management of projects
  • Remarkably strong communications skills for giving out clear orders and interacting efficiently with all levels of employees
  • Strong managerial skills and the ability to lead a large team of subordinates towards achieving the company objectives
  • Skills for keeping the employees motivated throughout the project sa as to exact efficient performance from each one of them
  • Sound knowledge of all the telecom communications models and ability to modify a particular model as per the company needs and results in mind
  • Ability to work efficiently even under the most stressful of situation

Work Experience

Cyborg Telecom Technologies
Telecom Operations Manager(2008 till Present)

  • Oversaw the network development process and maintenance part of it
  • Ensured that the main server was adequately safe and preserved from any harm or damage
  • Looked after the office's technical facility area
  • Managed the technical team and briefed them weekly about new targets and other issues
  • Ensured that the department had enough budget at times of systems overhauling and upgrades. Got appropriate additional amount approved by the management if the need was genuine
  • Spoke to vendors who supplied the company with necessary equipments and spare parts

SAVG Telecom Services (2004-2008)
Operations Analyst

  • Worked as analyst and collected the recorded data for analysis and study
  • Drew important conclusions out of my studies to highlight the areas of improvement in the processes
  • Kept track of all the operations and collaborated with experts to solve issues with the operations
  • Did capacity planning depending on the company infrastructure and available man hours
  • Prepared weekly and monthly process analysis reports for the higher management


  • M. Tech., New York College of Mechanical Engineering, 2005
  • Mechanical Engineering, New York College of Mechanical Engineering, 2003


Here, write a summary of some of the key skills that are relevant to this line of work.

This is how a telecom operations manager resume is written. Keep in mind that no false or irrelevant details should be put in to impress the recruiter; it will only backfire.

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