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Technical Support Manager Resume

Job Description:

The technical support manager has to share his or her experience, ideas and other methods with the other managers and the management in order to improve the overall customer satisfactory services. He or she has to act as a mediator and an important point of contact for speeding up the advanced technical issues with the external customers and internal development teams.

The technical manager has to take remedial measures on the complaints by the users of the company products including the present and future clients, retail sellers and other testing organisations. He or she has to provide technical and technology support to the technical teams of the organisation and help them in designing, developing and implementing various processes and systems.

The technical support manager has to meet the clients periodically and assess their expectations on the functions of the products and invite suggestions for betterment. He or she has to maintain the basic knowledge of all the issues such as topologies, configuration guides, etc. and to answer the frequently asked queries from various angles.

Eric B
1505, Crestview Manor
Phone: 317-229-2311

Job Objective:

I am looking for a position of a technical support manager in a reputed company to prove my skills and to be a prestigious member of the technical team of the company.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I am capable of leading a team with able guidance and advice and I have the capacity to build cordial and working relationships with the team members and other colleagues.
  • I know how to execute the existing procedures to save time, reduce cost and increase in profits.
  • I can work and cooperate with my senior officials and the management in assessing the technical support policies and procedures and executing the same with vigour and accuracy.
  • I am equipped with strong technical skills and have extensive knowledge in computer applications, computer languages and can work well with UNIX and Windows environments.
  • I have excellent communication skills and can interact with the customers on their basic issues.

Professional Experience:

  • I am working as a technical support manager in XYZ Corporation in Indiana from August, 2007 to till date.
  • I have been introducing new technical support and methodologies and executing the same for the improvement of production.
  • With the aid of various customer satisfaction programmes, I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the technical support procedures and policies and took immediate steps to rectify the defects.
  • I am entrusted with working with many departments like sales section, marketing units and other engineers with the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction.

I have also worked as a technical engineer in a reputed company in South Dakota from the year 2004 to 2006 and have performed the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Here, I elaborately learnt to create new policies and procedures and learnt to interact with the co-staff effectively.
  • I have been efficient in working at the call centre to answer the customers' queries and clarifications and I never made them to wait for the answers and clarifications. For this purpose I have used all the available facilities such as phone, e-mail, voicemail and sometimes personal contact also.
  • I have improved my efficiency in preparing and maintaining documents in respect of technical support procedures.

Educational Qualifications:

I have passed B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University in Boston with highest percentage of marks.
I have also completed my degree In Master of Business Administration from the same University.

I have got a certificate in Production Planning and Management

Concluding Part:

Nowadays, getting a job is not that much easy. Job hunting is a difficult task, because the employers do not want to take a chance and are straightaway searching for talented and experienced candidates for the required positions. When you are trying for a position of a technical support manager, it is an essential chore to prepare a good technical support manager resume and send it to the hiring managers for perusal.

When numerous resumes are received by the employers for two or three positions, they tend only to have a glance over the resumes. The importance of technical support manager resume is depending upon how you prepare an attractive resume to win the confidence of the employer to further go through your resume after a glance over it.

The details of the technical support manager resume should invariably contain your skills, special achievements and experience so as to persuade the hiring manager or the reader to proceed further reviewing your dossiers and finally decide you to call for an interview. You must be careful in not sending the same resume to different employers and it is mandatory to prepare separate resumes for different jobs depending on the job requirements.

You have to mention your achievements in figures and with bullet points, which tend to grasp the attention of the recruiting managers instead of writing an essay on your skills.

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