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Retail Store Manager Resume

A resume is written for the very purpose of demonstrating one's area of expertise and knowledge, in front of an employer so as to prove his eligibility for the position s/he is applying for. Applicants applying for the position of a manager in a retail store must write a retail store manager resume describing the quality and potential that makes them worthy of the position. A retail store manager performs several functions like management of the whole store, looking after and supervising the work of his fellow workers and employees, looking after sales, stock, and supply of goods, etc. He should possess good managerial and organizational skills, along with good communication and proper behavior. He must mention about these qualities, along with his professional history and personal aspects in the resume. Writing a resume requires following of certain rules and guidelines, with use of proper format and writing technique, that will make the resume a useful tool in the job application process. Below mentioned are some important points which one must follow while writing a retail store manager resume.

Guidelines for writing a retail store manager resume

First of all, clarify your objective. State why you are looking forward to this job, what you seek, wish to deliver. Mention how you will able to perform the duties and responsibilities involved in the position and how you will be a profitable asset for the firm in which they can invest into. Explain your skills and potential appropriately. You must write about your general, professional, and technical skills, and it is recommended to write them in bulleted points.

Your previous professional experience counts, and therefore, must be written depicted efficiently. You have to write in detail, chronologically about the companies you were previously engaged with, time period served and responsibilities performed in each. Personal details must also be properly written with your name, permanent address, email address, and telephone number, as the recruiter will try to contact you if your resume is approved.

Make sure you proof read the resume several times before darting it to the firm. Proof reading enables the submission of an error free resume, that is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

By following the above techniques, you will surely be able to write a resume that will prove advantageous, while you apply for the post. Below is a sample retail store manager resume that will help you in understanding the format and technique involved in constructing the resume.

Sample Retail Store Manager Resume

Raymond C. Bland
4320 Mercer Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Telephone: 29298183


Seeking a position in a reputed firm as a Retail Store Manager, where I can use my organizational and managerial skills for managing a retail store appropriately, and help in the progress of the firm.

Profile Summary:

With a professional experience of 4 years in retail management, I had the privilege to work with two distinctively prestigious institutions. Possess excellent managerial and organizational skills, along with good communication and time management skills.

Summary of Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the field of retail
  • Possess excellent managerial and work management skills
  • Expertise in managing and directing work of other employees
  • Proficiency in organizing and operating large scale retail works on a daily basis
  • Proficiency in taking important steps in advertising, and promotion of products
  • Supervising and maintaining, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and statistical data
  • Development and executing plans and programs for better sales of retail goods
  • Excellent communication and behavioral skills

Professional Experience:

Firm: Huggins Retails
Designation: Retail Store Manager
Duration: March 2010 to February 2012

  • Primarily assigned to look after all the retail operations
  • Looking after important transactions and supplies of retail goods and commodities
  • Involved in recruiting and providing training to employees for better working of the firm
  • Taking measures in promoting good and services
  • Designing of new plans and programs for enhancing sales
  • Assigning responsibilities to employees and supervising their work
Firm: HMD Retails
Designation: Retail Store Manager
Duration: March 2008 to March 2010
  • Management of entire retail related functions and works
  • Supervising and controlling of sales and supply
  • Looking after current stocks and making new orders
  • Involved in recruitments and selecting the right candidate for the right purpose
  • Looking after the wants of consumer, and making the sales flexible and customer friendly
  • Designing of new plans and programs for enabling better sales


Completed Masters in Business Administration with specialization in retail from California University, in 2007.
Did Bachelors in Business Administration from California University in 2005.

Personal Interest:

Traveling, adventure sports, Internet surfing, etc.
Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.
Enclosures: Resume, letter of appreciation, reference letter.
By following the above sample and tips you will be able to construct an efficient retail store manager resume, that will surely prove advantageous in the job application process.

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