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Manager Resume (Non profit and Charities)

A non profit and charities manager resume, to apply for the job opening, should be drafted only after carefully analyzing the job description given by the employers, to ensure that their requirements are effectively targeted. Considering the humanitarian cause associated with the job profile, employers have certain expectations from the ideal candidate, depending upon the cause their organization is working for. The same is applicable for all types of charitable organizations, even if they are dedicated for environmental or science or any other cause, directly or indirectly related to humanity.

Candidates applying for non profit manager job opening should know what the employers are expecting from the ideal candidate, and then include the same in the non profit manager resume, to get desired results. Considering that the non profit companies, which work for charity and social causes, often depend upon services of volunteers, their managers are required to possess interpersonal skills and expected to be tactful, to ensure organizational objectives are achieved. Including past experience in your charity manager resume, helps in promoting your dedication for serving the people, and can have desired impact on employers, which may sway the outcome in your favor. Therefore, if you have worked under similar set of responsibilities, the same must be included in the non profit manager resume, and effectively highlighted for quick and easy visual accessibility.

Among the loads of applications received by the employer for an open position, a legible and attractive non profit manager resume stands higher chances of being reviewed by employers, which makes it mandatory to draft the resume in a professional and formal manner. Enthusiasts, who wish to apply for Charity Manager job opening, can refer to the sample non profit manager resume provided below, and retrieve the necessary information. The information can then be customized, befitting one's professional profile, to portray true professionalism, which would be easier to justify in later stages of selection process.

Sample Non Profit Manager Resume
(For applying to openings with charity or non profit organizations)

Marsha J. Ellingsworth
4655 Adams Drive
Texas - 77032
Tel: (979) 481 0673

Career Objective

In quest of challenging opportunities with reputed non profit organizations, where I can deliver my services and utilize the skills-set and knowledge, towards the social cause and serve the humanity, and help organization achieve its objectives.

Career Synopsis

With 8 years of experience in organizing social activities and working for noble causes, I have worked with various organizations active in different fields of social welfare , and have guided teams successfully, to achieve the desired results within stipulated time frames, ensuring organization missions are achieved.

Work Experience

Assistant Manager(2007 - till date)
County Image Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Fall Creek Hwy., Granbury, TX
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist Non Profit Manager in developing and executing non profit and charity programs
  • Hire Volunteers for successful execution of charity functions
  • Coordinate with concerned authorities and external agencies for necessary approvals for the function
  • To visit corporate and companies for getting sponsorships for the events and programs
  • Represent the organization in non profit organizations meets and forums
  • Collect feedback from residents and volunteers for improving the programs and making them more effective
  • Plan for generating revenue for charity activities through sponsorships, donations, volunteer services, etc.
  • Maintain record of all incomes and expenses, to be produced as and when required
  • Coordinate with government agencies and departments for making best use of opportunities provided by government
  • Plan and develop promotional activities for the programs and activities organized by the firm
  • Develop and execute awareness campaigns in public interest
  • Guide and supervise the work of team members and volunteers

Supervisor (On field and Off field)(2004 - 2007)
Bright Star Child Welfare and Development Organization, Veterans Blvd., Del Rio, TX
Roles and Responsibilities

  • To lead team members for effective execution of the programs
  • Coordinate with all support departments for smooth operations
  • Prepare necessary reports showing progress of programs and their impact
  • Brief the team members with basic information about the program and the objectives to be achieved
  • Make sure end beneficiaries are able to make the optimum use of programs and incentives offered
  • To take necessary feedback for improving future programs
  • Explain and allocate duties and responsibilities to all participants/volunteers
  • To make sure available resources are utilized optimally
  • Coordinate with local authorities for organizing basic arrangements for the welfare activities
  • Mark the attendance of all participants (and volunteers) for paying remunerations

Academic Qualifications

MSW (Master of Social Work)(2002 - 2004)
Ideal Institute of Education, Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, TX

BSSW (Bachelor of Science in Social Work)(1999 - 2002)
Remington College, Edloe St., Houston, TX

Professional Skills

  • In depth knowledge of social issues
  • Awareness of local geographic, demographic and environmental statistics
  • Well versed with government welfare policies and social programs
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Computer skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication skills


Mary L. Howard
(Program Director)

County Image Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Fall Creek Hwy.
Texas - 77104
Tel: (719) 412 7845


I, Marsha J. Ellingsworth, acknowledge that the details shared above by me are true and can be supported by appropriate documents if required, failing which my candidature can be canceled.

Signature: ####Date: April 25, 2012Place: Houston, TX

Candidates can further make necessary changes to the above given non profit manager resume example to make it personalized and unique. However, it must be taken care that all credentials are relevant and supportive to candidature.

We hope the information shared above is helpful in drafting professional non profit manager resume.

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