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Forensic Case Manager Resume

A forensic case manager resume is written by a person who is an expert in collecting forensic samples from the scene of crime, stacking them in a definite arrangement, conducting/ sending them for tests to the lab, running match scans on the DNA samples for possible matches in the systems database, and compiling the final report on the matter to send to the case officer for his referral.

Forensic Science is a highly specialized branch of Science that is being used since the 16th century (and has evolved greatly since then) to get to the finer details regarding cause of death, specific effects of various ways of killing on the victim's internal organs, etc. This method is also applied to detect the presence of any poisonous substance in the body by way of which a person must have been murdered. Early start was made by studying the internal walls of the victim's stomach for the presence of poison like arsenous oxide, or simple arsenic. Apart from this, it also reaches into the directions of taking impression of the footmarks (or prints of the shoe' soul) on the scene of crime (by pouring liquid plaster of Paris over it which then solidifies and is taken to the lab by the experts) and matching them with the suspects' footprints. Fingerprints matching is the most direct technique of them all; the forensics expert scouts the crime scene to find and collect finger prints and then running a match of these on his computer for finding the criminal.

A forensics expert forms a very important part of any crime investigation team; he is the mind behind a lot of things which give the officers information to work on. These officers may have their hunch, but it is the job of a forensics expert to confirm it based on found evidence. Following is a resume sample of a forensics case manager. Go through it for discovering the technique of writing an effective resume.

Forensic Case Manager Resume Sample

Kyle Brown
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


Energetic individual with full knowledge of the field and ready to utilize my skills in forensic science to gather evidence, manage the forensics team and provide all the test results to the police in time.

Profile Summary

  • 6 years of experience with Miami Metro Police Departments
  • Worked on diverse cases, ranging from domestic crime to serial murders
  • Used my skills and knowledge to help in swift testing and analysis of samples and making reports on the same
  • Contributing to an ongoing research related to blood work
  • Specialize in blood work and DNA testing methods

Skills Summary

  • Initiative taker and efficient in carrying out the sample collection and subsequent investigation processes
  • Logical reasoning and good at applying scientific principles to every process, including observation and deduction
  • Good researching and analysis skills to deduce results
  • Excellent team player and good at working along all types of officers and colleagues
  • strong managerial skills to manage and guide the new employees in the department
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to communicate with the officers and write clear and elaborate forensics reports
  • Effective time-management skills to complete tasks in time

Work Experience

Miami Metro Police Department
Head Forensics Expert- Blood (2006-Present)

  • Carefully inspecting the crime scene and collecting any possible evidence, like finger prints, shoes marks, blood sample, hair sample, etc
  • Studying the wounds on the victim and determining the angle of incidence and the kind of weapon used
  • Using the method of reconstructing the crime scene to establish the case theory and determining the blood splatter pattern according to it
  • Running up DNA and other sample matches on the system to ascertain possible matches
  • Preparing ballistics report

New Orleans Homicide Division
Forensics Expert (2003-2006)

  • Working on forensics and collecting samples from the crime scene
  • Clicking photos of each and every inch of the crime scene for records and analysis
  • Worked on cases of murder, rape, kidnapping, etc
  • Studied the weapon-type and blood splatter to ascertain facts about the case


  • Diploma Certificate in Forensics (Blood work), International Institute of Forensic Engineering, 2003
  • Graduation in Biology, University of Florida, 2001


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a forensic case manager resume is written. While writing it make sure to include any professional achievements of yours too. This impresses the reader by giving him something concrete to look at. Proofreading is another important part of the entire exercise of writing resume. This is done to ensure that your resume doesn't contain a single error. Smallest of the mistake, either in spellings or in facts, can spoil your impression on the recruiter

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