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Fitness Center Manager Resume

It is a Fitness Center Manager, who ensures effective integration and organization of fitness center facilities with overall management of gyms and exercise club. Hence, to discharge all these functions effectively, the candidate is assumed to have acquaintance with some fundamental physical education programs that assist him/her in the development of team building activities. Initiating useful gym facilities and health management programs is possible with some professional exposure to the fitness center activities management. So, while writing a fitness center manager resume, demonstrate working experiences at fitness center or gym, that tactically conveys his/her abilities to relate fitness programs with the results.

Clarifying management skills is a must. Here, learn some additional job responsibilities that a Fitness Center Manager needs to perform; it surely, helps in identifying the key areas of performance for the candidate.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Defining fitness center needs and ensuring the required facilities, tools, and equipment at work
  • Organizing and conducting fitness programs at the center
  • Developing fitness assessment system that measures performance of well integrated health programs
  • Carrying out market research and promoting club or gym activities
  • Developing dynamic team that provides training to the new joiners

In this manner, he/she needs to develop and manage critical business plans that support understanding of fitness center activities and serve the needs of the customers. Highlight strong instructional power to train fitness center support team with the well planned activities and professional excellence.

Here, go through the sample provided below and identify the key areas of focus to create a well organized resume. Get some useful guidelines about how a resume is developed with systematic presentation of fitness conscious mind that is constantly engaged in offering highly customized client services.

Darlene M. Michael
2176 D Street
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 736-723-2713
Email Address:


Seeking management level position in a fitness club or center, to offer the institute with the best coordinated fitness practices and activities that ensure the best results for the clients; developing professional service excellence in dealing with the customer's fitness related queries and issues.


  • A Gym Management Support
  • Practiced fitness instruction and management assistance
  • Professional health trainer and club administrator
  • Managed independent fitness center activities and accountability functions

  • Strong market research and programs management
  • Instructional excellence to deal with team activities
  • Effective human resource planning and administration
  • Leadership qualities to integrate a variety of tasks and actions
  • Good customer relationship management
  • Evaluation and testing skills
  • Strategic excellence to deal with managerial level performances

Technical Skills:

  • Basic 3D designing skills
  • Information Technology Management Certification


  • Bachelors of Physical Education degree course with Central Michigan University 2001
  • Certification in Exercise Science from McPherson College
  • Received training on facility maintenance and management

Professional Experience:

Alfa Carlo Fitness Club Detroit, MI
Designation: Gym Management Support

June 2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Evaluated customer requirements and demands to provide them with highly advanced gym facilities
  • Managed customer feedbacks and dealt with administration support to utilize center programs
  • Monitored and coordinated exercises with development of membership programs
  • Promoted gym facilities and services with quality enhancement fitness programs

Joseph Fitness Center Panama City, FL
Designation: Health Trainer and Administrator

May 2007-March 2010
Role and Responsibilities

  • Administered health management issues and supervised matters in connection with exercises
  • Trained the employees with the gym practices and provided quality support services
  • Dealt with the client issues and queries in association with the management of health equipment
  • Ascertained necessary safety and facility management with identification of health regulations
  • Solved the facility maintenance and development issues, complying with the organization policies and procedures


  • Promoted as a fitness trainer and administration support position within an early stage of employment at fitness center job
  • Acknowledged and received a certificate of excellence for providing effective managerial support to deal with fitness center jobs


  • In charge of a fitness center department offering training and administration support to utilize highly advanced fitness facilities and equipment
  • Member of an organization providing assistance in the development of fitness center activities and health services

Mobility and Flexibility:

Readily adaptable to the changing business environment needs and demands, with flexibility of operations. Quite energetic and enthusiastic to implement innovative business solutions with identification of potential performance gaps.


I, hereby announce that the given details are trustworthy and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Darlene M. Michael

In a clarified sense, a fitness center manager resume needs to focus on the candidate's instructional excellence, in dealing with the management of fitness center equipment and facilities, targeting customer growth and satisfaction. To highlight the key management skills, he/she needs to ensure administration abilities to offer the best integrated performance with the development of fitness team support. Demonstrate leadership qualities to coordinate team efforts to offer the clients with the best possible services. Emphasize business networking or customer relationship management skills to deal with strategic and tactical matters of the fitness center activities. Stress on organization and management abilities to understand fitness center requirements and clarify communication skills to ensure commercial results.

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