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Fashion Show Manager Resume

When organizing an event, the possibility of things being messed up is high. , In such situations management plays a huge role. Weddings, corporate meetings, travel scheduling etc., are the areas where, without proper management, it is impossible to run things smoothly. One such area is Fashion Show (already started to imagine the mess backstage?). The systematic presentation that is put forward to the audience is the result of the efforts of the management team involved in it. It is the manager who is responsible to make sure that they tackle the issues while presenting the larger-than-life creations of designers. The pay package of a Fashion Show Manager is quite good but involves handling absolutely dicey issues at times. Also, it is not just about managing the things the pedantic "manager" way, but, knowledge in this field is also essential to successfully manage the fashion stuff. In case you are aspiring to be a Fashion Manager and are in a search of a sample resume, you can have a look at the sample fashion show resume give below. There are some points that should be considered while writing a fashion show manager resume:

  • Never write long paragraphs
  • Avoid spelling mistakes (they are a great turn offs)
  • Use correct grammar (kindly refer a grammar book if you are not sure)
  • Keep both hard-copy and soft-copy of your resume
  • Proof-read the resume before sending
  • Check if the employer has given the format of resume, else you can use your own
  • Make sure that you do not expand your resume more than 2-3 pages

Clarence A. King
1367 Ryan Road
45, uui Bl.
Stockholm, SD 57264
Contact Number: 872-4556-354
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a Fashion Show Manager in an organization where I would be able to utilize the skills and expertise I have gained over the years.

Career Summary:

I have worked in JHJUK Fashion Groups Pvt. Ltd as a Junior Fashion Manager for 4 years, and later as an Associate Fashion Manager in Lal Fashion Boutique Groups Pvt. Ltd., for 5 years.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration, State University of Stockholm, Stockholm, SD
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, State University of Stockholm, Stockholm, SD
  • St. Annes High School, High School Certificate, Stockholm, SD

Work Experience:

Industry: JHJUK Fashion Groups Pvt. Ltd.,
Job Title: Junior Fashion Manager
Duration: 4 years


  • To make arrangements for ramp and theme decoration
  • To schedule meetings with hotel personnel to get permission for fashion show
  • Responsible to contact modeling agents
  • Responsible to interview models
  • Responsible to rope in event managers
  • To make arrangements for the venue and discuss themes with the designer
  • To make arrangements for promotion and advertising of fashion show
  • To contact sponsors and discuss the fashion show budget requirements

Industry: Lal Fashion Boutique Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Associate Fashion Manager
Duration: 5 years


  • To prepare fashion show budgets, and submit it to the Executive.
  • Responsible to discuss the budget details with sponsors.
  • Responsible to contact radio sponsors, internet sponsor etc., for promotion.
  • To work with advertisement team to discuss the budget requirements in promotions and mediums.
  • To work on the theme suggested by the dress designers.To make arrangements for backstage facilities, dressing rooms.
  • Responsible to make arrangements for transport facility (pick and drop etc.)
  • Responsible to recruit Junior Fashion Manager and assign work to them.
  • To discuss budget details with event management teams.
  • Responsible to discuss contract rules and regulations with lawyers.

Certifications and Skills:

  • SAP certification
  • SJCP (Sun Java Certified Professional) Certification
  • Extremely good communication skills

Awards and Achievements:

  • Won "Consistent Performer of the Year " award in JHJUK Fashion Groups Pvt. Ltd.
  • Assigned the role of leader for the biggest deal in Lal Fashion Boutique Groups Pvt. Ltd., for the 2004 Fall Fashion Week.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 15 November, 1982
Languages Known: German (C2), Spanish (B1), Korean, English, Japanese (beginner)
Hobbies: Dancing (Hip-Hop& jazz), sky diving, skiing, baseball and football


  1. Lisa S. Banks
    67, iik Bl.
    2872 Oak Way
    Jansen, NE 68377
    Contact Number: 873-5455-2324
    Email Address:

  2. Rodney K. Teague
    989, kol bl.
    1972 Oakridge Farm Lane
    Waukesha, WI 53188
    Contact Number: 763-455-14354

A resume presents your replication to the employer. Make sure you cross check all the points mentioned when drafting a resume for yourself. The sample fashion show resume here will help you in addition. Also, do not hesitate to refer a grammar book if you find any difficulty in writing. Present your resume in a better way and you are sure to get a call!

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