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Farmers Market Manager Resume

A farmers market manager has numerous and varied tasks to perform depending upon the nature of the market in which he or she is appointed. At the outset, he or she has to verify the eligibility of the people, who want to sell their produce as per the rules and regulations laid down by the governing body. He or she is also required to recruit new producers to introduce variety of products for sale.

A farmers market manager is also responsible to collect the rental fee from the vendors and keep the records of payments perfectly. Some markets collect a flat rate and some at the percentage rate on the gross sales. It is his/her responsibility to assign space for the farmers and ensure the same space is allotted always to avoid confusion among vendors.

A farmers market manager must be aware of the demand and supply of the produces and can help the farmers to decide the fair prices for their produce on that day. He or she should ensure that uniform prices of the products are maintained at the market which is less than those as prevalent in outside stores. He or she is also responsible for proper timings of the transactions, advertising the products, safety of all people visiting the market and every thing connected with the farmers market.

Alfonso S
4173, Cinnamon Lane
San Antonio
Phone: 210-832-8213

Job Objective:

I am seeking to get a position of a farmers market manager in a reputed firm to suit my skills.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Have deep knowledge in primary market research, dealings and functions.
  • Proficient with computer systems operations such as word processing, spreadsheet, etc.
  • Have the ability to handle the farmers as well as customers and aware of market procedures.
  • Highly experienced in training, guiding and cooperating with the volunteers.
  • Can read the instructions regarding the policies and procedures of the governing body and understand them clearly.
  • Have the capacity to handle direct and indirect farm operations and have a good knowledge in crop management.
  • Possess knowledge about safety measures to be taken in the market premises.

Professional Experience:

Position: Market manager
Firm: Marketing Committee, Camden, NJ
Period: From July, 2006 to till date


  • Have analysed the market trend efficiently and estimated the selling price of food grains and products in a fair manner.
  • Supervised and recorded the crops arrived, crops stored and the arrangements made for the sale procedures in the market.
  • The food crops are being sorted out according to their qualities and accounting for necessary changes after drying, storage, etc.
  • Responsible for maintaining the quality of products sold at the market.
  • Responsible for collection of rents and keeping the record of accounts.
  • Attended State level conferences on complex agricultural production, high yielding varieties and animal breeding programs to gain more knowledge.
  • Prepared the monthly and annual reports on the transactions in the market, with suggestions for the improvement incorporated in it, and submitted the same to governing council for further action.

Professional Experience:

Position: Market manager
Work Place: Marketing Committee, Walkerton, IN
Period: January, 2000 to June, 2006


  • Recruited market volunteers and support staff and supervised their performance and issued instructions to them on the policies and procedures to be followed.
  • Recruited the growers of local areas and vendors and allotted them space in the market to enable them to sell their products.
  • Have sharpened knowledge by attending seminars on market management.
  • Analysed the day to day administrative expenses and estimated the budget to be submitted to the council for approval.
  • Had solved the disputes amicably that arose about the prices and weights of the produce between the customers and shoppers, by courteous approach.
  • Had made arrangements to meet any untoward situation like accidents, crimes, natural disaster, bad weather, etc.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from an Agricultural University in New York.
I also have a diploma in Agricultural Marketing from an Agricultural University in New York.


Available on demand

The position of a farmers market manager is a quite competitive one and therefore, you have to prepare a farmers market manager resume with appropriate and relevant information. The importance of farmers market manager resume is that it should be an exceptional resume that sparks the interest of your prospective employer at the first glance.

The details of farmers market manager resume should highlight on your educational background, overall work experience, skills that are related to the required position and awards received in discharging your duties and achievements performed. You can also explain your accomplishments with the farming work, handling the farming equipment, supervisory skills and other relevant talents.

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