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Factory Manager Resume

A Factory Manager is accountable for supervising and monitoring the smooth development of factory operations with a view to ascertain quality production, and cost control. So, his major jobs relate to optimum utilization of organizational resources, process evaluation, ascertainment of safety and control, etc. Hence, to satisfy such limited requirements of an employer, take efforts to create a well built factory manager resume, that customizes the candidate's skills, and the performance of the candidate; portraying them in a good way to ensure managerial excellence in the field. Have a look at positional responsibilities to know more about the jobs to be performed.

Get in-depth understanding of the work, to stress on relevant skills and qualifications that assist to discharge the work. Point out commendable performances and prior working experience in the area of managing factory or plant operations.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out analysis and evaluation of the raw materials with respect to production functions in terms of quantity and monetary value
  • Building an effective relationship between cost and output, to ascertain per unit cost and profitability
  • Establishing effective measures for scientific reduction of cost and development cost control techniques
  • Overseeing factory activities and processes, to ensure health and safety management
  • Relating costs with production output, to ascertain increased profitability

Thus, a Factory Manager is responsible for maintenance of factory or plant environment, to ensure proper handling of operations management. Hence, while writing a resume, highlight your key abilities to perform multi-tasks, and grab the reader's attention, by communicating your professional experiences in the field.

Here, look at the given sample factory manager resume that organizes professional summary in a proper manner, to create the required appeal. Get useful direction to draft your own resume sample.

Nicholas T. Clark
4051 Hillcrest Drive
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 234-265-2943
Email Address:


With professional expertise and practices gained over a period of 4 years, I wish to apply for the vacancy of a Factory Manager in a manufacturing organization, where I will be given sufficient exposure to deal with the management of factory activities, and would be accountable for creation and development of a healthy and safe atmosphere.


  • Currently working as a Factory Manager for a chemical manufacturing plant
  • Assisted a Plant Manager and Engineer to provide technical support
  • Worked as a Technical Instructor and assisted the Project Manager
  • Managed and administered functions of a plant supervisor
  • Acknowledged for efficiency and management of timely services


  • Skilled in management and organization functions
  • Excellent Communication and relationship management skills
  • Familiar with business strategies and multi-tasking operations
  • Good leadership talent, and abilities to boost morale with proper motivation

Technical skills:

  • Excellent Microsoft Office functions management
  • Proficient at handling 3D designing and management
  • Practiced at database management (DBMS) functions


  • Bachelors in Engineering Management from American University of Puerto Rico in 2000
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Developments and Health Science Management from University of Arizona
  • Attended a training program to develop leadership skills and personality, to improve operational efficiency

Professional experience:

OEU Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Seattle, WA
Designation: Factory Manager

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Supervising follow up of the established schedules and activities
  • Distributing tasks to operational level workforce, to coordinate different jobs, and determining individual accountability
  • Investigating critical issues in relation to costs classification, and ensuring smooth operational work flow
  • Coordinating a variety to tasks, to ascertain departmental training and development
  • Keeping factory environment clean and healthy with development of healthy habits among workforce

Roue Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Gregory S. Hope
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of sound procedural developments, and follow up of organization policies and procedures
  • Ensuring managerial assistance to operational level workforce, to create a friendly environment
  • Training workers with organizational practices to reduce confusions, and to ascertain clarity of operations
  • Determining individual accountability and motivating employees to give their best performance
  • Managed quality issues and production techniques, to ensure best possible results


  • Recipient of 'Manager of the Year 2011' award for efficient coordination of manufacturing activities and considerable reduction in production cost
  • Recognized as 'Coordinator of the Year 2010' for establishing effective managerial practices to handle factory jobs


  • Affiliated to a Club providing updated knowledge about current market developments, to identify their practical applications
  • Active member of an association formed to create environmental awareness and promotion of green environment

Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready to handle industrial challenges, and flexible to adapt to new methodologies and practices quickly. Able to manage a wide variety of tasks and operations efficiently, with a broad area of performance.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Nicholas T. Clark

Thus, as a Factory Manager, the candidate needs to focus on his management and organization skills. Let it reflect a true spirit of a loyal employee, who is well equipped with advanced management tools and techniques to handle factory operations. So, draft a well integrated resume covering managerial expertise in relation to factory operations management.

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