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Electrical Manager Resume

Employers receive numerous job application forms for one job opening. They do not use much of their time in scanning the whole content of the resume. Just by glancing at the resume for a few minutes, the empolyer decided whether to call the candidate for the job interview. To get that desirable attention, it is necessary to provide unique content by using the best format. The content should be readable, informative, and precise. This electrical manager resume summarizes the required information in an effective and appealing manner. It contains only the vital information that will make your employer know more about your exposure in the particular field in detail. This aim of this resume is to help you in generating a resume that opens thousand of job interviews.

The title of an electrical manager relates to electrical engineer who works on electrical projects. The job of an electrical manager centers in handling and managing electrical projects. Construction and electrical engineering sector hires electrical managers to oversee small and large engineering projects.

The responsibilities of an electrical manager include developing electrical design specifications, providing technical guidelines in installation and testing of electrical systems, preparing detail work flow plan, managing and overseeing the work activities of the electrical staff, managing and monitoring department budget and finance, checking plant specification and electrical equipment, preparing electrical engineering project reports, estimation of project cost, assigning work activities to electrical engineers and drafters, coordinating the tasks of the team in handling electrical engineering projects, developing project plan, preparing complex engineering projects, developing project risk management plans, evaluating the engineering data, handling queries of the client after project delivery, and providing recommendations in bid analysis.

The role demands advanced knowledge of electrical engineering, AutoCAD, fire protection systems, electrical software, and electrical efficiency standards. A bachelor's degree in electrical engineering is required to apply for the position. Electrical manager should possess excellent project management, communication, organizational, and multi tasking skills.

Electrical Manager Resume

Solomon Hemingway
894, United States, Illinois, Chicago
111 E. Randolph Drive
Cell: 214-184-1115


Diverse knowledge of electrical engineering concepts and techniques with hands on experience in providing technical insights in handling electrical engineering projects. Seeking a position as an electrical manager in a dynamic and renowned organization

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • In-depth knowledge of electrical engineering codes, techniques, and standards
  • Comprehensive knowledge of applicable electrical design and application techniques
  • Advanced knowledge of preparing electrical specification documents and guidelines
  • Familiar with ISA International Codes and Standards
  • Skilled in handling and managing complex electrical engineering projects
  • Ability to communicate effectively with sound troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Possess strong analytical and project management skills

Education Details:

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
University of Chicago in the year 2008

Job Experience:

Organization: Electrical Inc, Chicago
Designation: Electrical Manager- 2011 to present

  • Handle the tasks of providing technical guidelines and support to the foreman's in completing the project within deadlines
  • Perform responsibilities of developing electrical designs and specifications for executing large scale projects
  • Assigned the tasks of handling and providing solutions for complex electrical projects
  • Responsible for estimating project budget and schedule of activities as defined in the project plan
  • Handle responsibilities of handling technical analysis activities and monitor the work flow activities of subordinates
  • Perform the tasks of developing plans for handling project risks and mitigation process
  • Assigned responsibilities of analyzing and evaluating electrical engineering data and project implementation details

Organization: 4Plm Software, Chicago
Position: Senior Electrical Engineer- 2009 to 2010

  • Performed responsibilities of providing support in the execution of electrical engineer projects
  • Handled the tasks of developing and planning electrical distribution systems under the guidelines of an electrical manager
  • Assigned responsibilities of calculating electrical load flow and preparing testing requirements
  • Responsible for conducting research on short circuits and providing support in electrical equipment checkout activities
  • Handled responsibilities of responding to queries after project delivery

The resume provided is sure to help you in the resume writing process. Bring your resume in the limelight by following the guideline of the sample. When preparing your resume, make sure that you check these parameters of a good resume:

  • Precise, brief, and to the point
  • Readable and should be free from error
  • Impressive by providing only relevant information
  • Error free to gain a positive response
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