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Dairy Farm Manager Resume

A dairy farm manager resume is written by an individual who wants to work in dairy industry. This involves the practice of animal husbandry to raise and breed animals so as to use them to derive milk products. Milk is the primary product for which the animals are raised on dairy farms. The many tasks in a dairy farm include logistics, budgeting, marketing, and distribution. All these functions are taken care of by specific department heads, but the manager, sitting at the helm of affairs makes sure that all the supervisors are carrying out their responsibilities in a desired manner. To help him in this, an assistant dairy farm manager may assume position in the company.

The resume must be written in most clear and simple language with the inclusion of some industry-specific terms to showcase your understanding of the industry. Throughout the resume you must mention only those details that are relevant to the work for which you are applying for. Using bullet points in each section, you must start with the most important points. Also, in case of work experience and education, you need to follow a reverse chronological order to mention the details starting from the latest to the older ones. Following is a farm manager resume sample for your reference.

Dairy Farm Manager Resume Sample

Jim Smith
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To take charge of a dairy farm and utilize my skills gathered during my previous jobs to carry out my duties in accordance with the expectations of the management.

Profile Summary

  • Rich experience of handling operations at both medium and large scale dairy farms
  • Extensive experience of the administration and operations work involved in the field of dairy management
  • Achieved 34% growth in profits for the period of Jan '09-Jun '09 while working with Hal Dairy
  • Initiated the automation systems and kiosk plans in New Jersey, Kentucky and New Orleans areas for better distribution of milk and other related products of the dairy

Skill Set

  • Thorough knowledge of dairy farm management, along with training in latest industry practices for better results
  • Skillful in field work too, like milking cows, taking care of their medicines, feeding, etc
  • Good team player with the ability to work with diverse kind of people and get the work done
  • Excellent at handling distribution process of the dairy farm
  • Good communication skills for interacting with the vendors and negotiating with them
  • Amply motivated to learn new things along the way
  • Excellent time management skills for better and increased performance

Work Experience

ABC Farms, New York
Manager (2008 till Present)

  • Worked on planning and allocating appropriate budget for ensuring smooth operations of the dairy farm
  • Followed all the latest nutrient management researches and implemented the best nutrient management system in the dairy farm
  • Installed automatized milking machines throughout the dairy farm and made the process more efficiently
  • Ensured hygiene of the entire plant through regular disinfecting methods
  • Designed matting programs and ensured all the necessary medication and equipment was readily available for post process management
  • Looked into the quarterly plans for the farm and initiated programs to achieve those plans

Robinson Farm and Dairy, Los Angles
Assistant Manager (2006-2008)

  • Administered all the activities of the dairy from installing new machinery to looking after the animal management
  • Took care of the breeding of dairy animals and procurement of new ones
  • Made sure that proper medical care was given to all the livestock at all times
  • Setup automated milk dispensers for the customers to pay and get milk
  • Monitored the expenses and made the report for the dairy manager
  • Developed efficient strategies to ensure optimal performance on all ends of our operations
  • Scheduled overhauling of automated machines


  • MBA in Human Resource Management, New York College of Management, 2005
  • Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Studies, HNL College of Agricultural Engineering, Phoenix, 2003


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a dairy farm manager resume is written. Follow this format strictly to write an industry standard resume.

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