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Construction Business Development Manager Resume

Job Description:

Coordinating in one aspect of a construction project is a difficult task, but the construction business development manager is responsible for the completion of a project, say construction of a building, right from laying the foundation till the last room is painted. A construction manager has to liaise between the clients and the workers, architect and sub contractors and the clients and the Government departments for getting plan approval, etc.

As such, the construction business manager has a wide range of tasks and must possess the basic knowledge of construction processes to manage any situation. These tasks include electrification, plumbing, blueprint reading, budgeting and purchasing, apart from the knowledge in construction techniques. A construction manager has the responsibility to complete the project in time or otherwise he or she has to explain the clients about the upward revision in costs of construction. This may be due to rise in prices of construction materials.

At no point of time, a construction manager can compromise on the quality of construction and he or she has to supervise the construction work and ensure that the excellent quality of work is maintained in every aspect. He or she has to ensure that the projects are built according to the approved plans, terms and conditions, owner's requests and with specified quality.

John L
142, Duncan Avenue
New York
Phone: 917-625-3495

Career Objective:

I am aiming to be appointed as a construction business development manager in a well established construction company to prove my skills and come forward in life.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Have excellent experience in preparing proposals and publishing the same
  • Have moved with the clients and can understand their operations quickly.
  • Have proficiency with computer applications, particularly efficient in Microsoft Windows applications
  • Possess good organizational and management skills and can manage more than one project at a time
  • Possess oral as well as written communication skills and can negotiate with the clients to find acceptable solutions.
  • Have deep knowledge in engineering rules and regulations.
  • Expert in construction management and pre-construction management.
  • Have regular contacts with Government departments and agencies regarding getting plan approval, getting necessary licenses, etc.

Professional Experience:

Position: Construction business development manager
Firm: Simpson Group of Companies, Philadelphia, PA
Period: From July, 2006 to till today


  • Responsible for developing and implementing various business strategies for the improvement of the firm
  • With my communication skills, I attracted new customers and at the same time retained the existing customers
  • In respect of residential building construction projects, have suggested to build one model house to be viewed by the customers and offered suggestions from them for any improvement in amenities
  • Have developed cordial and business relationship with key personnel, whose services are required for the welfare of the projects
  • Responsible for creating database on the customers and achieved all objectives in the interest of the company
  • In respect of company's products and services, I am responsible for presenting effective marketing services
  • Responsible for opening the sealed tenders or bid specifications and prepared the offer of proposals
  • Responsible for organizing and purchasing technical materials after ensuring quality

Professional Experience:

Post Held: Construction Business development manager
Company: Best Construction and Business Services, Hooks, TX
Period: From January, 2002 to April, 2006

Responsibilities Discharged:

  • Identified and monitored the requisite resources for the completion of all the projects within the specified time
  • Was in charge of preparing the budget estimates and expenditures in respect of the projects and maintained the target planned
  • Instructed the employees and workers regarding the compliance of the policies and standards of the company in carrying out the projects
  • On behalf of the company, prepared the contract agreements with the contractors and ensured that there was no deviation in all aspects
  • Had successfully managed big construction projects like hospitals, nursing homes, school buildings, multi floor buildings for offices and business establishments
  • Followed the safety procedures prescribed for carrying out the projects and responsible for buying insurance packages for all the employees

Educational Background:

I have a Master's degree in Business Management from a University in Chicago.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from a University in Boston, MA.


Ready to furnish on request

A Construction business development manager resume is an essential document in your job search processes in order to show your skills in construction and business sector. The importance of construction business development manager resume is that you have to design the sub heads so that they will speak of your talents and the hiring manager, who is reviewing your resume, do not miss to have a rapid glance over your resume fully.

The details of a construction business development manager resume should be designed to be simple and precise. Your resume can speak the industry language but with no spelling or grammar mistakes.

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