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Conference Sales Manager Resume

As a sales personnel, a Conference Sales Manager is accounted for sales growth and revenue generation. His/her services are identified with the given sales targets by the management. In addition, he/she is required to organize conferences and programs that facilitate product promotions. Organization and management of such program assume well planned arrangement of event right from the selection of venue, contract negotiations, to well admired communication to ensure necessary equipment support. So, let the conference sales manager resume bring out the best in his/her profile that convinces the recruiter about his/her technical excellence in carrying out all procedural formalities in the best possible manner.

To get a clarified picture of the duties, analyze a day in a conference sales manager's life, where he/she is accounted for the following work.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Defining the event requirements in association with sales program and developing a well organized plan
  • Planning sales conferences and events to promote the organizational output
  • Ensuring successful administration of plan with demonstration of sales excellence
  • Negotiating the contract terms and conditions on behalf of the organization
  • Managing the event budget and controlling unnecessary expenses

So, with well developed managerial capacities, it becomes easy for him/her to identify the event requirements and to ensure professional administration support to boost the company's sales. He/she needs to use a professional format to showcase his/her capacities to investigate sales issues with proper conference management.

Here, analyze the given sample and understand the resume requirements to craft a well customized resume, demonstrating managerial abilities to plan the sales events.

Stephen C. Dougherty
3409 Boundary Street
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: 836-847-7364
Email Address:


To seek managerial level offer where the organization provides me with sufficient opportunities to handle accountability relating to the event management and I can demonstrate well developed leadership abilities and promising sales return in the future.


  • Varied sales exposure to manage sales exhibitions
  • Sales accounting and marketing support
  • Scheduled management of events and marketing programs
  • Event Manager and Technical Sales Support
  • Successful accomplishment of sales and promotions campaigns
  • Professional contract negotiations
  • Familiarity with advanced cost control tools and techniques


  • Excellent management and integration abilities
  • Understanding of project based plans with strategic analysis of market demands
  • Communication abilities to interact with changing business correspondence needs
  • Expertise time management with target driven approach
  • Public relations and customer relationship management skills
  • Professional logistic services management

Technical Skills:

  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Professional 3 D designing
  • Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, and Spreadsheets Management


  • Advanced Certificate Program in Business Analytics and Event Management 2004
  • Completion of 1 year Executive Management Program
  • Bachelors in Business Studies and Management from Hope International University 2000
  • Availed sales conference and sales training with advanced sales strategies and practices
  • Advanced Advertising and Promotions Course

Professional Experience:

Eureka Manufacturing and Business Development Solutions Inc. Corpus Christi, TX
Designation: Sales Manager and Business Support

Duration: 1 year and 9 months
Role and Responsibilities

  • Witnessed a variety of trade shows with professional business development outlook
  • Estimating sales forecasts with advanced demand forecasting methods
  • Executing sales and marketing programs with well integrated plans and documents
  • Asserting technical excellence in the area that strengthens business relations and practices
  • Managing internal organizational affairs with conformance to organizational policies and procedures

Aleta Manufacturing House Inc. Seattle, WA
Designation: Assistant Sales and Event Manager

Duration: 1 year and 10 months
Role and Responsibilities

  • Coordinated various sales and marketing programs to create awareness about newly developed products
  • Clarified business development approach with well integrated sales efforts
  • Enhanced business communication with establishment of strong business relations
  • Identified sales potential and developed innovative strategies to serve market demands
  • Built a comprehensive sales support to manage on field sales exercises and issues


  • Awarded with 'Best Event Manager of the Year' for coordinating various technical exercises into successful sales programs and events that offer additional market exposure
  • Received 'Integrated Talent Manager Award' for creating business excellence with well organized business strategies and professional practices


  • Member of an Association of Exhibition Organizers (AEO) offering trade development support to manage business with strategic professional events management
  • Member of an Association for Conferences and Events (ACE) to get net insights into the field of management to organize highly well coordinated and excellent events
  • Associated with The National Conference in Sales Management to get timely feedback and to manage interactions with sales professional to deal with industry based research projects

Mobility and Flexibility:

Dedicated and committed services to offer the best event management services with well planned business development strategies and market exposure. Ready to react flexibly to the rapid market changes and challenges.


I, hereby declare that the given details are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Stephen C. Dougherty

As conference sales management demands an altogether different set of skills and highly developed managerial abilities, let the conference sales manager resume state powerful integration skills to offer the organization with the best results. Conceptualizing professional built of candidature can surely assist in creating a well organized resume.

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