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Community Manager Resume

Job Description:

The responsibilities of a community manager include many activities and all these efforts are targeted towards the positive effects on the bottom line of the company. Irrespective of the facts that the company has its own web community or uses the renowned social media websites, a community manager has to work with the community members who buy goods through web communities. He or she has to liaise between the company and the public and his/her aim is mainly to satisfy the customers.

A community manager has to follow the sales of the products and services and ensure that the customers are satisfied ultimately. He or she has to interact with the customers over the phone or e-mail apart from the interface built through websites. A community manager is solely responsible for the promotion of the brand products of the company.

Some of the customers may be using the web community of the company, but may not purchase the products. A community manager has to persuade these customers to buy the company's products. He or she has to use Search Engine Optimization and produce necessary information to attract the existing and new customers.

Barbara J
3398, Vineyard Drive
Phone: 440-391-3241

Job Objective:

I am looking employment as a community manager in a reputed firm.

Skills Possessed:

  • Have wide experience in online community management.
  • Thorough with all the rules and regulations of the local and Federal Government and possess deep knowledge about safety standards.
  • Proficient with the operations of fax machines, photo copiers, computer applications and other technically operated equipments.
  • Possesses solid knowledge of budget preparations and estimates as well as accounting principles.
  • Have the capacity to develop correspondence and written recommendations with the companies, customers and other related agencies.
  • Have excellent management skills and can supervise the employers and subordinates and ensure extraction of effective work from them.
  • Have good knowledge of internet message boards and their usages in the business.
  • Familiar at working with all types of social media effectively.

Professional Experience:

Community manager-ABC Corporation, Hooks, TX
From January, 2005 to till date
Professional Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for recruiting key community contributors by developing strategies and plans.
  • Instigated and supported the staff to participate in the training classes organized by the company and other sponsors.
  • Have reviewed operating results on monthly basis and conducted review meeting on the performance reports.
  • Played a key role in planning and executing various social strategies to achieved the desired goals.
  • The contents online were maintained and included the latest information on the websites.
  • Was responsible to present effective advertisements through social media and maintained good relationship with the media people.
  • Have done research and analyzed the current socio-economic conditions of the community and recommended necessary measures in the areas, which needed support.

Professional Experience:

Community manager-Alexander Business and Investment Corporation, Billings, MT
From June, 2000 to December, 2004
Responsibilities Held:

  • Extended full cooperation to the community in all its activities
  • Responsible for preparation of drafts and then final reports on all the activities and performances of the community and did research on that
  • Had developed all promotional materials of the community and edited the reports to a concise form
  • Was responsible to provide user friendly environment for all members
  • Performed the tasks, by following rules, policies and regulations and advised the employees on the same line
  • Had developed and maintained cordial relationship with the customers, vendors and all concerned

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Business Management from a University in Boston.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the same University in Boston.


Will be made available on request

When you are scripting a community manager resume, you have to do it in the best possible way, if you are really interested in taking up the position of a community manager. The hiring managers, who are supposed to review your resume, will make a decision to take you to the next stage of the hiring process based on what they read from your resume.

The importance of community manager resume is that you should know the essential things to be written in the resumes. You have to read the job notice carefully and ensure that you are fully satisfying the requirements of the job you are applying for and include the relevant skills and experience when you are explaining the details of the community manager resume.

The above approach will give you the advantage of being considered for the interview stage over the other applicants. If you have leadership skills, substantiate it with proofs, as the employers prefer candidates who are to be promoted in the near future.

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