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Commercial Manager Resume

Job Description:

In general, a commercial manager is responsible to offer suggestions for the improvement of the business organization, to which he or she is associated. There are commercial managers, who help the people dealing with businesses like finance, real estate and others. He or she has to deal with financial analysis and management of a business organization.

A commercial manager has to be thorough with the market trends and must ascertain efficient performance, with calculated risk factors, and ensured returns. He/she has to take steps to increase the financial resources and must be responsible to plan and execute maximum utilization of the resources. A commercial manager has to advise the management regarding crucial business techniques that bring competitive advantages to the organization in future.

A commercial manager is the authority to implement the company's business plans. He or she has to plan and meet the vendors, customers and commercial operations and maintain good relationship for the improvement of the business. He or she must be thorough with commercial awareness and projects involved techniques and execute plans that bring favorable results. A commercial manager should study the profit and loss of the activities of the organization, one by one, and use his/her skills to bring glory.

Betty C
2100, Loving Acres Road
Kansas City
Phone: 816-925-5561

Career Objective:

I am an experienced commercial manager and seeking the position in a reputed organization to show my strength in the field and extend my share in the growth of the business.

Core Competencies:

  • Have the ability to negotiate and persuade the executives and business professionals
  • Have the ability to create innovative ideas and strategies to develop business prospects
  • Have the necessary skills to analyze any complex data and financial modeling
  • Thorough with international market trends and their behavior and possess good knowledge about different industries
  • Highly proficient with risk management, project and financial management and employee and marketing management
  • Have the ability to rise to the occasion and bringing new hopes and changes in times of difficulties
  • Fully aware of Microsoft Office functions management and possess knowledge in Auto CAD
  • Have gained good experience by working as a financial analyst for five years

Professional Experience:

Commercial Manager-Frontier Management Groups, Greenville, NC
From January, 2006 to till date

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for generating new marketing strategies and drawing business plans for the improvement of the business.
  • Is responsible for handling marketing, advertisement campaigns through several media, external communication and maintaining good relationship with all concerned.
  • I am responsible for organizing international conferences, publishing of technical journals and papers.
  • I am responsible for building good relationships with the contractual customers and preparing proposals regarding these tasks.
  • Created many contractual agreements with the vendors for integrating the service products of the organization into solutions.
  • Have coordinated with the project teams and ensured the execution of all contracts.
  • Instructed the staff to comply with contracting procedures, policies and regulations.

Professional Experience:

Commercial Manager-Profit and Investment Corporation, Fremont, CA
From January, 2002 to December, 2005

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Had conducted industry research by utilizing relevant journals, internet, press releases and market prices
  • Had reviewed the agreements made and payment terms and suggested necessary measures to rectify the defects, if any
  • Was responsible for preparing budget estimates, commercial reports, financial statements and other related statistical data
  • Was in charge of preparing proposals for sales delivery and identified new strategies for executing these proposals
  • Was responsible for preparing contract deeds and provided necessary support in all respects to the contracts proposed.
  • Had provided efficient customer services by managing and validating the data and updating them.


I have a Master's degree in Business Management from a University in Colorado.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from a University in Colorado.


Ready to furnish on request

In your hunt for a job, a resume plays an important role, and you have to prepare an impressive commercial manager resume to enter into the business world. The importance of a collection manager resume is that you have to first list out and highlight your accomplishments that are acceptable to the job you are looking for. Ensure that you are presenting yourself in a positive light through your resume and do not list out your dislikes.

While presenting the details of a commercial manager resume, you have to be careful in overusing the same words often. You can be proud about your skills and qualifications, but express the same in lighter sense and do not boast yourself. You might have had some gaps between two employments and there may be several acceptable reasons for this gaps, but do not mention the same in your resume. You can be prepared to explain these gaps at the time of interview.

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