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Collection Manager Resume

In present scenario, a Collection Manager is not only responsible for collection of debts or recovery of financial resources, but in addition to this, he/she is required to manage all documentation and records of the same. Thus, he/she plays an essential role in the development of an effective feedback monitoring system, which ensures necessary interaction with the customers to collect organization's investment in the form of sales, before turning them into bad debts. So, with good customer relationship management, a Collection Manager is accountable for collection from debtors. Such a job requires strong managerial excellence to deal with collection work and evaluation of debts to ascertain proper recovery. Hence, while writing a collection manager resume, know about what all responsibilities collection manager performs as a part of his/her daily schedule.

Here, find some of the essential tasks that a Collection Manager does to manage efficient records of the collections made.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Interacting with customers and analyzing accounts management functions with proper adjustments of entries.
  • Supervising and monitoring smooth development of collection procedure to ensure good customer relationship management.
  • Ensuring accurate accounts and assisting the management to have effective decision making.
  • Ascertaining proper records and reports to identify procedural efficiency and developing effective measures to enhance its operational output.
  • Communicating organizational procedures and policies to the clients from time to time to handle collection work efficiently.

Thus, a Collection Manager needs to handle role of an analyst and manager, targeting development of an effective collection system. Here, refer to the collection manager resume sample provided below to get new insight into powerful resume writing.

Bobby C. Schrader
970 Mount Olive Road
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 526-725-3625
Email Address:


Searching for the position of a Collection Manager in a manufacturing industry, where I can utilize my wide gained experience as a Credit and Collections Manager, and will prove my potential in the area, with effective contribution in debtors management and records maintenance with the development of a good feedback monitoring system.


  • Working as an Assistant Collection Manager
  • Professionally discharged duties of a Credit and Collections Manager
  • Proficient in customer relationship management and public relation functions
  • Skilled in debtors and accounts management with high level technical skills
  • Professional negotiator with bargaining power excellence


  • Proficient management of records and documentation with technical excellence
  • Supervisory and managerial abilities to handle finance functions
  • Communicative excellence with good interaction abilities
  • Familiarity with research and development functions with strong analytical power
  • Acquainted with recent trends and developments in the field of debtors collection and management.

Technical Skills:

  • Expert hand in managing Microsoft Office functions
  • Known with Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations.
  • Professional handling of database management (DBMS) functions
  • Familiar with accounts management software applications


  • Masters in Business Administration from University of Georgia with majors in Accounting and Finance Management in 2010.
  • Bachelors in Commercial Management with majors in Finance Management from University of San Francisco in 2008.
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Debtors and Customer Relationship Management
  • Attended a training program to comprehend growth and business development needs to ensure optimum investment in debtors.

Professional Experience:

Ultra Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Atlanta, GA
Designation: Assistant Collection Manager

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Managing customer relationships with accurate revenue and records management
  • Analyzing market situations and timely collections from debtors to ensure high efficiency
  • Developing a feedback monitoring system with effective recovery procedures
  • Overseeing collection processes and procedural developments to maximize collection and avoid bad debts.
  • Developing useful training modules for on field workforce to increase operational efficiency.

TIT Industry Services Pvt. Ltd. Manakin, VA
Designation: Credit and Collections Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Supplemented the management with strong decision support system to handle debtors management functions.
  • Managed good customer relationships to ensure sustainable development
  • Provided collection staff with necessary training, tools, and techniques to attain the given targets.
  • Supervised records and reports management to take strategic decisions


  • Recipient of 'Manager of the Year 2010' award for development of an effective feedback monitoring system to ensure debtors collections.
  • Awarded with 'Salesman of the Year 2011' for maximum collections and recovery of bad debts with effective contribution towards organizational profitability.


  • Affiliated to technical institution, providing training module development support to the interested organizations.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Bobby C. Schrader

Thus, a Collection Manager oversees all the procedural developments in connection with the collection process and ensures that cash is collected from debtors on time, with proper follow up of organizational policies. Hence, with managerial excellence and determination of individual responsibilities, it becomes easy for him/her to carry out his/her daily work.

So, to catch the recruiter's attention, your resume needs to reflect such minute details with flexibility of operations. Deal with interpersonal abilities to communicate well in a group and abilities to handle leadership functions.

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