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Clinical Trial Manager Resume

There are many techniques of writing a resume. The best one is something that is informative, structured, and to the point. Organizing a good resume takes time and effort. Depending on the type of position, it is important to choose the right format. The best resume is one that highlights the skills and related job experience. Employers should understand your career objective at a first glance. Your resume should reach your potential employer and get the desired target. It is good to explain the contribution you can make in the organization. Over and above this, the information provided should be easy to read. The clinical trial manager resume sample given below demonstrates the unique way of preparing a resume that gets positive response from your employer.

A clinical trial manager works in health care and clinical research sector. The main job profile of a clinical trial manager is to develop plans and coordinate in clinical trial and test case activities.

Some of the responsibilities of a clinical trial manager include developing plan and schedule activities of clinical operations, planning risks mitigation strategies, monitoring stakeholders, managing and supervising the day to day operations of clinical support team, developing and implementing clinical project management plans, overseeing and managing clinical trial budget, reviewing clinical data, developing clinical study and research protocols, handling and resolving clinical trial issues, handling patient data validation activities, organizing medical review meetings, developing clinical and data management protocols, defining case report form, preparing surveillance plans, and gathering clinical data.

The position of a clinical trial manager requires good experience in the field with knowledge of clinical protocols, clinical case studies, and health care standards. Clinical trial manager should possess excellent presentation, leadership, communication, and organizational skills. A bachelor's degree in clinical studies is mandatory to obtain the position.

Clinical Trial Manager Resume

Oliver Olloson
701 Sooner Drive, Burns Flat, Oklahoma
Contact: 903-222-0945


A responsible position as a clinical trial manager in an organization that offers an opportunity of professional growth and development

Summary of Knowledge & Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of clinical research protocols, health care practices, and techniques of clinical case studies
  • In-depth knowledge of statistical concepts, data analysis methodologies, and clinical research process
  • Familiar with the work flow process of clinical research industries
  • Posses excellent leadership, record keeping, and observation skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work with cross functional team

Summary of Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Studies, University of Oklahoma in the Year 2009

Job Experience:

Codien Health Services, OklahomaJune 2010 till date

Clinical Trial Manager

  • Handle the tasks of providing strategic direction in areas of clinical research and monitoring clinical administration activities
  • Perform responsibilities of developing organizational strategy and scheduling the activities of clinical operations
  • Assigned the tasks of overseeing and coordinating in the execution and management of trial projects
  • Responsible for developing detail project implementation plans and prepare required study materials
  • Handle the tasks of hiring and supervising the activities of clinical support staff
  • Perform responsibilities of providing clinical protocol training to the clinical research team

Medicare Clinical Research, OklahomaApril 2009 to May 2011

Senior Clinical Trial Staff

  • Assigned responsibilities of managing clinical research team in completing clinical protocol
  • Performed the tasks of monitoring the study of clinical research studies to ensure that it meets the clinical practice standards and regulatory guidelines
  • Handled responsibilities of analyzing and reviewing clinical data and updated any errors to the clinical trial manager
  • Responsible for checking clinical trials finances to ensure accurate payments
  • Performed responsibilities of preparing and filling Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Assigned the tasks of tracking regulatory documents and performed validation of patient data

A resume should be precise, preferably a page. It should be free from mistakes. The information should be an honest presentation of skills and educational background. The content should relate to the job position. The best way to start writing is to understand the requirement of the employer. If you are applying for this position, you can have a brief review of the content. Ask yourself, "what qualities and job experience the employer looks for". This will make your writing easy and simple. The resume in the page will gain the interest of the employer. Do not try to put wrong information in your resume. This resume is a gateway to a job interview.

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