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Clinical Research Project Manager Resume

Clinical research relates to identification of drug power and its effectiveness to cure health issues properly. Likewise, a Clinical Research Project Manager conducts the given trials and arrive at the specific results to ensure proper treatment. With necessary understanding of protocols and regulatory functions, he/she critically evaluates the need and objective of research project and carries out focused experiments. Thus, he/she ensures proper safety measures to control its effect on the patient. Such medical research is highly essential to solve critical health issues; it requires in depth understanding of research functions and report preparations. Fulfillment of case report forms (CRF) ensures proper presentation of clinical research and ensures all documentary proof records of the same. So, procedural trials and research reporting remain the core responsibilities of clinical research functions. While applying for the job, let the clinical research project manager resume discuss professional practices and research exposure that convince the recruiter about his/her professional excellence to deal with clinical projects.

Get some ideas to understand the work area and responsibilities that a clinical research project manager completes.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing and monitoring clinical studies and developments to ensure the best results
  • Identifying the legal documentation requirements and offering well integrated reports and documents
  • Managing proper documentation and reports of daily observations to establish useful control system
  • Developing useful practices and ensuring the required investigations to monitor research project analysis and development

Thus, with the identification of legal requirements and documentation functions, he/she handles various research work responsibilities that ensure proper development of clinical projects. So, while developing resume sample for clinical research project manager work, emphasize the critical job requirements and skills that go with the candidate's profile summary and professional accomplishments.

Here, find the given resume sample and learn how you can use it to draft your own resume sample.

Alex L. McPherson
1015 Young Road
Grace, ID 83241
Phone: 725-155-3431
Email Address:


Proper demonstration of clinical research processes and practices with extensive 6 years of professional exposure in assisting the clinical research project manager, I am searching for the areas in research project management, to offer highly clarified clinical studies and analysis to accomplish highly critical research projects.


  • Clinical research project management support
  • Professional compliance with research policies and procedures
  • Excellent research investigations
  • Advanced clinical analysis and project management
  • Exhibited legal documentations and procedural developments
  • Completed 3 years of professional internship under the immediate supervision of research project manager

  • Critical evaluation and analytical skills
  • Comprehensive research and development abilities
  • Professional project management with presentation excellence
  • Excellent communication and integration skills
  • Deductive reasoning abilities

Technical Skills:

  • MS Excel spreadsheets management, MS Word and Power Point Presentations
  • Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting
  • Certified Clinical Research Project Manager


  • Completed Master in Pharmacy Practice from Mount Mercy University 2000
  • Completed Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of New England 1997
  • Certification program in Biotechnology Management
  • Diploma in Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science

Professional Experience:

Santa Clara Research Institute and Project Management Carlisle, PA
Designation: Assistant Clinical Project Manager

August 2009-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Assisting the project manager with necessary materials and managing necessary research records
  • Conducting clinical trails and ensuring proper procedural developments
  • Dealing with industry based reporting and legal document preparations
  • Observing clinical studies and research developments to ensure health safety and control
  • Ensuring compliance with legal policies and procedures

Arizona Research Project Management Services Monument, CO
Designation: Clinical Research and Project Management Intern

March 2005-July 2009
Role and Responsibilities

  • Supported clinical research and management with continuous analysis of project development
  • Assessed initial project requirements to ensure necessary precaution and safety
  • Completed the assigned tasks and operations as a part of technical support
  • Implementation of infection control practices and safety measures to ensure successful administration of project
  • Kept details about the procedural developments and observations


  • Received a certificate of excellence for successful accomplishment of internship projects and fruitful observations made during completion of the same

Mobility and Flexibility

Abilities to react flexibly with quite adaptable mind set and ready to handle individual project responsibilities relating to clinical research. Proven track record to with continuous assessment of minute details and observations.


I, hereby acknowledge that the given information is correct and truthful.

Alex L. McPherson

Successful accomplishment of a clinical research project involves close monitoring of clinical studies and minute observations to offer the best coordinated results. Hence, highlighting professional internships and apprenticeship projects is necessary. In addition to it, focus on various technical certification courses and programs completed to gain professional confidence to handle independent project development work. Ensure strategic and systematic description of professional summary with compressed expressions. Be brief, consistent, and tactical in displaying research abilities to monitor the development of research projects. Prepare a well planned resume with key focus on professional practices and trainings. Demonstrate expertise faculty to manage well integrated reports and documentations.

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