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Client Manager Resume

A client manager resume is written by an applicant to apply for such posts that involve taking care of the clients' accounts and working in teams to cater to their requirements of advertising and marketing in the most efficient and desirable manner possible. The key here is to go all out to keep the client happy with what you have to offer to him in terms of services.

There are many kinds of client manager profiles out there but for the sake of this argument, we will consider a marketing and sales profile. This field is very demanding and requires the client manager to be on his/ her toes 24x7. There has to be a continuous communication bridge between the client and the client manager; the later needs to work on the briefs provided by the client and keep him informed on all ends of the progress. The work includes designing new ad campaign for marketing, coming up with new marketing strategies- media conferences, exhibition stalls, sales offer, and other special promotional programs.

Following is a sample resume for your reference. Go through it carefully to understand how to write an industry-standard resume.

Client Manager Resume Sample

John Springdale
31st North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To secure a job in client management field where I can make full use of my rich experience, and the skills gathered from it, to successfully face the day to day challenges of the field and deliver results to the satisfaction of my client and company.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich experience of working in the field of marketing and client servicing.
  • Gained excellent experience while working for leading companies like HJ Marketing and GI Advertising.
  • Handled the accounts of some of the important clients like Nike and Adidas and worked on their marketing campaigns to the best of my abilities
  • Good track record of satisfied clients and appreciation letter from the Marketing Manager of Nike.

Skills Summary

  • Skilled in managing the clients and understanding their needs accurately.
  • Excellent at gauging the market trends and advising the client accordingly.
  • Very effective communication skills for interacting with the clients and making them clear about the proposed strategies and planning.
  • Excellent at managing multiple accounts and meeting deadlines for all the projects.
  • Good interpersonal skills that enable me to work along with various departments of advertisement and market research.
  • Successful management of my team and guiding the team members in their work so that good results could be achieved.
  • Good analytical thinking and reasoning capability to come up with solutions to various day to day problems.

Work Experience

HJ Marketing
Client Relationship Manager (2008-Present)

  • Planned and designed the entire marketing campaign in association with the marketing division and briefed it to the client; incorporated changes as per their needs and wants and successfully implemented these plans.
  • Kept the client in the loop at every development stage of the marketing and research campaign.
  • Had regular meetings with my staff and discussed various possible ways to complete a task in the most optimum manner, in terms of cost and time.
  • Reported to the senior company manager on all the latest developments in work.
  • Encouraged the new talent to participate more and come up with new and innovative methods of doing the job.
  • Kept tab on the competitors' activities and planned our processes around it to keep our clients' market value on the top.

KPB Electronics.
Customer Service Manager (2005-2008)

  • Used my education and skills to work out new strategies for the clients' advertising campaigns.
  • Maintained regular communication with the client and kept them updated on the day to day work done by me for their account.
  • Submitted the daily reports to the team manager for his reference.
  • Kept a tab on the market activities and planned our campaigns accordingly.
  • Contributed to the ad creative team by giving copy suggestions and design inputs.


  • Did Masters in Advertising from New York University, 2005.
  • Completed my Bachelor's degree in Business Management from New York University, 2003.
  • Dolores Memorial High School, 2001


In bullet point format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.

This is how a client manager resume is written. Notice the structure of this sample, along with the kind of language used here. There is no use of rich vocabulary (which is not needed at all in a resume) and the information provided is straight to the point. This provides clarity to the entire structurer of the resume, which is the exact thing that the recruiter would be looking for when he picks up your application letter. Also, it is short and crisp. This has been achieved by sticking to the relevant details and not wandering off to include such details that are not needed here.

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