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Cleaning Manager Resume

Job Description:

The main responsibility of a cleaning manager is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene condition in the work premises to which he or she is taking care. A cleaning manager will be assisted by cleaning staff and he or she has to supervise their work and ensure that the quality of work is maintained. A cleaning manager has to draw time table for cleaning work and allot work accordingly among the employees. He or she has to maintain a list of the payrolls of the employees and the departments in which they are working and see that all the allotted works are attended, and cleanliness is maintained by constant supervision.

The cleaning managers are responsible for recruiting the employees, their promotions, transfers or even dismissals. A cleaning manager has to write performance reports of the employees under his/her control and keep the records safe. If more employers are required, the cleaning manager can hire additional employees and press them into service and ensure a fair distribution of labor.

A cleaning manager is responsible to have sufficient stock of cleaning solutions, tools and other accessories and order for additional supplies, if required. He or she must be aware of the number of tools and appliances that are needed at times. A cleaning manager must have the capacity to communicate with the employees in an effective manner.

Kevin E
4065, Poplar Street
La Grange
Phone: 708-784-4934

Career Objective:

I am an educated and qualified cleaning manager and looking for a good placement in a reputed company to enable me to grow along with the company.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have wide experience in managing a team of cleaning staff.
  • I am familiar with GMCR policies and procedures.
  • I am capable of using Microsoft Office Applications.
  • I have the capacity to predict the requirements of the customers and satisfy them in all respect.
  • I have good communication skill in both oral and written forms.
  • I have fully understood the instructions in the manuals and can maintain and interpret all documents that contain safety rules and procedures.
  • I have the ability to complete a work in time and to develop a good rapport with the residents and employees.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a cleaning manager in Global Buildings Services in Lancaster, CA from January, 2006 to till date and my performances and duties are defined below.

  • I am responsible for keeping the office premises clean and maintaining the activities of the office space.
  • I am in charge of distribution of work among the employees so as to maintain all the portions of the building.
  • I have conducted the supervision work regularly in all the buildings under my control.
  • I have given training to all the employees including new entrants.
  • I always comply with all the policies, rules and regulations as regards to safety requirements and strictly enforce the same among the employees.
  • At regular intervals, I allow third party audits on all cleaning activities.

Just before joining the above establishment, I had worked as a cleaning manager in ABC Service Corporation in Newport, RI from the year 2001 to December, 2005 and my achievements are as follows.

  • I had kept and processed the inventory and ordered for new supplies of cleaning tools as and when required.
  • I took care of the safety of the employees and allowed them to perform their work by following safety guidelines by utilizing various protective equipments.
  • I had developed cordial relationship with all and maintained a cooperative working environment and attended to their problems amicably.
  • I had monitored and delivered things to the entire satisfaction of customers and the management.
  • I was responsible for providing quality controlled services to satisfy the building standards.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management from a University in North Dakota.


Will be placed on request.

In the job hunt process, submission of a resume has become necessary and it is considered as one of the significant documents to judge the candidates before interviews. Likewise, if you are aspiring to become a cleaning manager, it is essential to draft a cleaning manager resume and send the same with the application and other dossier to the hiring managers.

Apart from giving your skills, qualification and experience, the importance of cleaning manager resume is that you must mention a few of your interests and activities that demonstrate something about you in a positive attitude. The resume is a selective record of your personal and professional background and the details of cleaning manager resume should explain your talents and abilities that are helpful to the organization.

The employers will choose candidates whom they consider to be beneficial and assets to their organizations and it is a justified principle as far as business people are concerned.

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