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Circulation Manager Resume

Job Description:

A circulation manager is totally responsible for increasing the sales and circulation of the newspapers or magazines by making it available at the place where the public movement is concentrated. He or she has to find ways for maximizing the sales by introducing attractive schemes like offering discounts, giving away free gifts along with the newspaper or magazine and the like.

A circulation manager should come up with new and cost effective strategies with a view to attract new subscribers. He/she has to develop mail strategies and create mailing lists aiming at catalog promotions. He/she must have regular contacts with the production units to finalize master copies for distribution. Further, the circulation manager has to update the mailing list by additions and deletions. He/she has to analyze the responses of the public before and after mailings, and accordingly make necessary changes in the circulation procedures.

A circulation has to maintain the database of the customers and provide them with answers to their queries. He or she has to prepare weekly sales report, sales charts and graphs for the perusal of the management and discuss ideas for further improvement. The circulation manager must have the ability to forecast the future demand and accordingly plan different strategies in improving the business.

Charles R
3152, Pooz Street
New Brunswick
Phone: 732-214-7137

Job Objective:

I am an experienced circulation manager, looking for the same position in a new environment to achieve my goal and gain more experience.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have the ability to provide satisfactory services to the customers and the public and am aware of other public library services.
  • I am aware of the library principles and regulations and materials.
  • I have the ability to prepare research reports, business reports and procedure manuals for guidance.
  • I have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • I have many creative ideas and new designs to increase the circulation of newspapers and magazines to reach a peak level.
  • I have good negotiation and interpersonal skills and coordinate with all concerned.
  • I can evaluate the performances of all circulation personnel and coordinate in volunteer services.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a circulation manager in Inter-City Magazine in Eureka, MT from January, 2006 to till today and my roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I am in charge of all the services and operations provided by the circulation departments.
  • I have been responsible for introducing computerized circulation systems and have prepared online catalog.
  • I am the person responsible to answer the queries of the customers either through phone calls or in person.
  • The library in the office is being maintained by me and have safeguarded all the records, old set of magazines and newspapers and other important documents by arranging them in an easily identifiable manner.
  • After taking over the charge in this office, I was responsible for increasing the circulation by about 30%.

Prior to the above employment, I had worked as a circulation manager in Roman Library at Ventura, SD from January, 2002 to December, 2005 and I had performed the following duties.

  • I had supervised 30 staff workers under my control and provided them with necessary training for improvement in their performance.
  • I had made arrangements to arrange the library materials in order and organised all the incoming materials.
  • I was responsible for admitting the new members and collecting the library fees as well as fines as the case may be.
  • I had introduced new and innovative schemes to benefit the customers and thereby increasing the circulation to reach a new high level.
  • I had also made necessary changes in the circulation systems and introduced new technologies for the improved services.


I have a Bachelor's degree in marketing from a University in South Carolina.
I have a certificate having attended the course for librarians.


I am ready to furnish the same at the time of interview.

An employer does not want to take you unless you have the capacity to do the job. Of course, every job requires different skills and if you are aspiring to become a circulation manager, you have to draft a circulation manager resume listing out all your skills that are required to the job concerned. Most of the employers prefer experienced candidates and therefore the importance of circulation manager resume is that it should contain the experiences you had with your previous employers without fail.

While explaining the details of circulation manager resume do not forget to inform that you have excellent communication skills, besides other essentials skills required for the job. This could be substantiated with your earlier achievements. This quality is very much needed for every job and the employers also prefer candidates with communication and interpersonal skills.

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