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Catering Assistant Manager Resume

Job Description:

In retail food service, a catering assistant manager plays a vital role in arranging catering events in food service as required by the customers and has the responsibility to satisfy the clients. He/she should have the ability to tackle and solve the problems that may arise in arranging such catering events and about the quality of food supplied and more.

A catering assistant manager has to plan and execute parties and special events. He/she can develop new ideas that will make a positive impact on existing procedures, services and programs and evaluate the results through observation of customer reactions, views and comments. Further, a catering assistant manager is responsible to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the areas of operations.

A catering assistant manager must have the ability to train the people performing catering duties and guide them. He or she must have the capacity to adhere to schedule of events, if more events are arranged in a day. In every event, the presence of a catering assistant manager is required to administer the events and ensure that events are progressing well without any hindrance.

Barry N
2708, South Street
Phone: 432-772-4165

Job Objective:

I am seeking a position of a catering assistant manager in a reputed concern to show my skills and increase the value of the company.

Skills Possessed:

  • I have put up more than ten years of experience as a catering assistant manager.
  • I have deep knowledge of food safety requirements, methods and procedures in arranging parties and events.
  • I have the mental power to work under pressure.
  • I can handle many tasks and events at a time and have the necessary work force.
  • I have the ability to resolve the problems instantly and win the satisfaction of the clients.
  • I am armed with necessary skills for planning, coordinating, to provide training and monitoring the programs and events giving no room for dissatisfaction.
  • I always ensure the high quality of food served to the customers and from the place of purchase.
  • I am responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen and the dining area and for this purpose I liaise with the cooks and kitchen staff.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a catering assistant manager in "Gateway Restaurant and Catering" located in Gulf-port, MS from September, 2006 to till date and I am responsible for the following roles and functions.

  • I am responsible for the supply of food items and beverages.
  • I always negotiate the price for food supplies from the dealers and third parties.
  • I am responsible for maintaining perfect records on financial, administrative, purchase and supply, arrangement of parties and events and related matters.
  • I am in charge of planning and preparing menus for the daily routine and for the special events.
  • I never compromise on the quality of food served and in maintaining health and safety measures in the premises.
  • On behalf of the management, I recruit new staff and provide them training on maintaining the standards of the restaurant.

Before the present employment, I had worked as a catering assistant in "Mayfair Caterers" at Cleveland, OH from the year 2001 to June, 2006 and my roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • Apart from managing the restaurant, I had also managed the coffee shop.
  • I introduced the system of supplying food items and snacks directly to the homes of the customers on request.
  • I had encouraged the staff by paying incentives to enhance their performance and sales.
  • I was responsible for increasing the number of customers and the level of customer satisfaction.
  • I was in charge of allocating works among the staff, scheduling work program and paying overtime allowances for those who work extra hours.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management from a University in Houston.
To my credit, I also possess a diploma in Restaurant Management and Hospitality Management.


Will be made available on demand.

In recent times, whether the employer expects it or not, submission of a resume has become mandatory when you are on the job hunt. Therefore, if you are aiming to become a catering assistant manager, get the catering assistant manager resume prepared to be submitted to the hiring managers. The importance of the catering assistant manager resume is to set you apart from other candidates and to get an interview and ultimately the desired job.

The details of the catering assistant manager resume should contain the information on contact details, objective (if necessary), summary of qualifications and highlights, experience, education (academic and professional qualifications), papers presented and awards received and references in that order. You must remember that the resumes prepared and customized for a specific position really stand out from among the big stack of resumes on the table of the recruiting managers.

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