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Care Manager Resume

Job Description:

A care manager can be accommodated in various types of care centres such as home care centres, health care centres, customer care centres, etc., but wherever he or she serves, takes care of all the needs of the customers. A care manager must manage and supervise the patient care services provided at health care centres. A care manager has to provide maximum patient care, beginning from the admission to the discharge.

A care manager has to be careful in identifying inappropriate admissions and resolve these issues amicably. He/she has to work in cooperation with the other managers, physicians and staff to ensure proper treatment to the patients till they are recovered. A care manager has to plan patient care programs and execute the same effectively.

It is necessary on the part of a care manager to maintain a proper record of the patients regarding the treatment meted out to them and their health history, which will be useful in future both for the patients and the management. Before a patient is operated upon or if a patient is suffering from chronic diseases, the care manager has to advise the patients regarding the mode of treatment to be given and explain about precautionary steps to be taken prior to operation and convince and console them.

Jonnie W
3759, Cedar Lane
Phone: 617-556-5345

Career Objective:

I am looking to be accomplished as a care manager in a health care centre to serve the needy to my maximum ability.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have vast experience in the field of customer care service and earned a very good name for my exemplary service.
  • I have good command in multi languages and proficient in English, French and Spanish.
  • I am an expert in dealing with computer applications and software.
  • I have the capacity to participate in organisation's activities such as contacting the resources like practice nurses, home health aids, physiotherapists, social workers, volunteers, etc.
  • I am sincere and devoted in preparing and documenting the vital records of the patients and keeping them under safe custody.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a care manager in Alpha Health Centre at Raleigh, NC from January, 2005 to till date and am responsible for the flowing works.

  • I am in charge of receiving the patients and making them to sit in comfortable seats.
  • I am responsible to inform the patients the name of the specialist doctors to be seen by them after making enquiries.
  • As a cashier, I have collected the required fees from the patients and issued proper receipts.
  • I am in charge of fixing the appointments of the doctors to the patients.
  • I am responsible for answering the clarifications of the customers either in person or through phone calls.
  • I am responsible for arranging the ambulances in view of the emergency of the patients.

Prior to the position held in the health clinic, I was working as a care manager in a home care centre at Cypress Lake, FL from the year 2001 to 2004 and I was in charge of the following assignments.

  • I was in charge of a team of home care providers and managed and cooperated with them in running the care centre.
  • I had developed a plan for the care of the inmates and assisted the staff in implementing the same.
  • I had acted as a primary care-giver to the patients as well as provided follow ups for them.
  • I had paid visits to the homes to assist the staff or nurses in respect of the care to be taken in respect of certain patients.
  • I had ensured the proper utility of the materials and ordered for the new supplies as and when found necessary.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Business Administration from a University in New York.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from a University in Illinois.


I shall make them available on request.

Resume has become an essential document to be presented to a prospective employer along with your application in the job hunt process. You have to invariable get ready a care manager resume, if you are in search of such a position in any care centre. Imagine yourself as a product and the employer as a customer.

Now you have to advertise yourself to the potential employer through your resume and if the employer is satisfied with the product, it will be bought. This implies that you will be called for the interview. This is the importance of care manager resume.

The details of care manager resume should consist of your skills, as skills indicate your potential. At the same time you have to stress your importance by explaining how you will be beneficial to the organisation and the employers, as most of the hiring managers are interested in this aspect.

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