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Care Home Manager Resume

A care home manager resume is written by a person who is trained in nursing and taking care of the old and/ or children. He should be willing to dedicate his days and nights towards taking care of other people's health and overall wellbeing; such people are needed in this line of work. Taking care of the old is a moral responsibility of each human being for the primary reason of the word 'human' attached to him/ her. Being human is the first and the foremost duty of every individual. But ironically, people today have forgotten this and have started neglecting the old in their lives. This sorry state of affairs has made this the job of certain (very less remaining) real human beings who have taken charge of the situation and have started care homes for taking care of those neglected old people and abandoned children. Also, parents these days have no time to take care of their children after bringing them into the world. Again, our volunteers and social workers come to their (the parents') aid and take away the burden (that these children have become) to keep them busy in day care centers. So, the role of such care home employees and managers is a very important one. Here is a sample resume for such a post that guides you through the format and structure of a resume.

Care Home Manager Resume Sample

Martha Slander
15, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To take up a job at a care home for the old and offer my services to take care of the elderly and help them in all the ways possible.

Profile Summary

  • Have 3 years' of experience in competently serving the old people in care homes
  • Well-learned about the various tasks to be performed from day to day for making the patients' lives easier
  • Handled immobile and old patients with utmost care and empathy for them
  • Value the love and support that the old have showered throughout their lives on us and thus, take it as my moral responsibility to take care of them in their old age
  • View my work as the food for soul and essential for the humankind

Skill Set

  • Good at understanding the needs of the old and accordingly fulfilling them
  • Good with children at day care centers and treating them with love and patience
  • Ability to keep record of the medicines for each care home member and giving them their doses at right times
  • Expertise in handling multiple tasks together and doing them satisfactorily too
  • Good time management skills for efficient results
  • Ability to communicate clearly and understand what the other person needs/ wants
  • Have the ability to win over the trust of old and children, alike with my gentle and calm demeanor

Work Experience

Kasper Old Age Home
Care Home Supervisor (2010-Present)

  • Taking care of all the residents of the home and giving them their medicines at right times
  • Making up their beds and handing over the laundry to the laundry department
  • Coordinating with the doctors for their scheduled trips to the care home
  • Reading the newspaper to the people who cannot do it anymore
  • Taking the people out for walks and short trips around the town

Tangerine Children Day Care Center, New Orleans
Care Taker (2009-2010)

  • Took good care of all the children coming to our day care center and played with them
  • Helped the children in completing their homework and assisted them in reading story books
  • Fed the small ones and made sure that everyone ate properly and at right time
  • Maintained the record of all the contacts of all the parents for the purpose of contacting them
  • Took the kids to picnic trips around zoos, gardens, and museums


  • Diploma Certification in Day Care Nursing, Goldberg School of Nursing
  • Bachelors in Nursing Practice, University of New Orleans, 2005
  • James Howard High School, 2002


One can add important professional achievements here. Mention only the relevant points here.

This is how a care home manager resume is written. So, all the best.

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