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Car Fleet Manager Resume

Job Description:

An organization may own a number of vehicles and it is the responsibility of a car fleet manager to manage the vehicles efficiently. The organization may own vehicles such as cars, vans, motor bikes, etc. it is the responsibility of the car fleet manager to maintain a database and computer programs that provide information on mileage, maintenance, history of vehicles, service schedules, driver's details, accident reports, depreciation values, etc.

Extracting the above information and going through the manufacturer's guidelines and Government's rules and regulations, a fleet manager has to formulate fleet strategies and policies. He or she is responsible in deciding to buy new vehicles keeping in mind the necessity to do so. There are many options to acquire new vehicles such as hire, outright purchase, taking lease, etc. and the car fleet manager will take the decision according to the need of the organisation.

A car fleet manager is responsible for servicing/repairing the vehicles, arranging replacement and condemning the vehicles as the case may be. To be precise, a car fleet manager is wholly responsible for the maintenance of all the vehicles of an organisation in all respect.

Joseph J
4410, Marigold Lane
Phone; 305-408-6732

Job Objective:

I am seeking the position of a car fleet manager in a reputed organisation in order to meet the challenges in carrying out the job by using my skills.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have great proficiency in computer applications and usage of necessary software and possess good experience in managing a fleet of vehicles.
  • I have good knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • I am aware of the sale prices of all vehicles and about the changing trend in prices.
  • I have enough skills in managing all sorts of contracts.
  • I possess excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • I have good organisation skills and maintain a fleet containing any number of vehicles.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a car fleet manager in a vast business organisation in San Jose, CA from January, 2006 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are as given below.

  • I have developed vehicle specifications keeping in mind of the operational requirements.
  • I have maintained records of all contracts and designed new businesses and strategies for car fleet.
  • I have maintained a time schedule for undertaking services and repairs of all vehicles in the fleet.
  • I have initiated the procedures for the replacement of vehicles, when there is a necessity, and this is being done efficiently without incurring any loss.
  • With the help of operational staff, I have evaluated all the repair work done and in this aspect saved costs in specific areas.

Prior to the above appointment, I had worked as a car fleet manager in another organisation in Meeker, OK from the year 2002 to December, 2005 and I had discharged the following responsibilities.

  • I was responsible for the clean maintenance of the vehicles and ensured the safety of the drivers for safe driving.
  • I had kept the records of the drivers and monitored their performances.
  • I had managed all the demands and requests and prioritised them according to merit and necessity.
  • I had maintained the vehicles in good condition by effecting corrective and preventive steps by drawing a time table.
  • I had advised the assistant managers and other staff regarding all legal and compliance matters in connection with the operations of the vehicles.
  • I had effectively managed 30 vehicles including cars, vans, motor bikes and others simultaneously.

Educational Background:

I have a B. Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from a University in Boston.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management from a University in Ohio.


I am ready to furnish on request.

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