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Camp Manager Resume

Crafting resumes can be incredibly taxing if one is not prepared for it in the slightest. There are ways in which you could prepare a resume without splitting hairs over the task. All it takes is remembering a decent order and sticking to it as faithfully as possible. There are different ways to prepare a resume but Aroj advices you to follow the simplest format possible.

It is for this very reason that we help you put together one of the simplest resume formats under the sun. Here, on this page, we look at the job resume of a Camp Manager. We not only provide you with the basic sample camp manager resume but we also give you facts relating to the position of a Campsite Manager. So first, let us look at the job specifics of a Camp Manager.

Work Nature of a Camp Manager

A Camp Manager is supposed to oversee the smooth running of an activity based camping ground. He or she is supposed to ensure that there has been enough money collected in the treasury, to provide for carrying out the camp activities, see to it that the finances for the required camp equipment is accounted for, ascertain that there is no shortage of food rations, and water for the campers to live on, during their stay at the camp, and that the various camp staff, trainers, and even adventure sports guides have been paid their wages well on time.

Some of the other, non finance related job duties of a Camp Manager include -

  • Organizing the day to day activity schedule for the campers during their stay at the camping grounds
  • Serving as grounds keeper, or at the very least, hiring someone to watch over the camping grounds during the off-season for the camp
  • Ensuring that the adventure sports organized for the pleasure of the campers like bungee jumping, rock climbing, white water rafting, rappelling, forest trekking, follows all the possible safety measures, and that the trainers guiding the campers during these sports are trained professionals
  • Putting out advertisements for the camp with valid and essential information just before the on-season
  • Overseeing the registration process of the participants applying for the camp
  • Coordinating between various activities handled by many different volunteers at the camp
  • Reviewing the personal records of the volunteer candidates before hiring them as camp volunteers and camp counselors
  • Putting out recruitment notices for volunteers, guides, and counselors

Educational Requirements for a Camp Manager Position

A camp manager is required to, at the very least, hold a bachelor's degree in secretarial management, accounting, or business administration.

Now that we are done looking at the work details of a camp manager position, let us deal with a camp manager sample resume. Please note that the content written below is copyrighted work, and any party or parties found guilty of plagiarism word for word, will be legally prosecuted. You are, however, free to use the basic template of the sample resume while framing your own resume.

Camp Manager Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jonathan D. Thompson
Address: 3869 Woodland Drive, Hickory Hills, IL 60457
Contact -
Telephone Number: 708 - 974 - 6803
Email ID:


To tap into my administration skills, and put them to good use while managing a student vacation camp, and all the activities which fall under it.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Amazing communication skills (both in the oral and written sense)
  • Organizing abilities which come in extremely handy while coordinating between the various activities of the volunteers and camp counselors
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Competent management skills especially when it comes to monetary accounting and overseeing the registration process and subsequent paperwork

Previous Work Experience

Camp Director, Camp Crystal Lake, Maine

I was the Camp Director at Camp Crystal Lake, located in Maine, in between the months of March 2007 to March 2010. As Camp Director, my primary duties involved -

  • Putting out advertisements for the camp during its on-season
  • Making certain of security arrangements for the camp grounds, both during and after the vacation seasons
  • Seeing to the maintenance of the bunk houses on the camp grounds including proper drainage and room heating
  • Checking on the quality and quantity of food rations for the campers
  • Reviewing and verifying the facts presented on the background reports of hired volunteers, counselors, and adventure guides, and confirming the validity of these facts
  • Managing the money collected from the registration process, and utilizing a sum of it, later on, for the payment of the camp staff, and paying the bills for the electricity, food, and equipment
  • Coordinating the various activities on the daily activity schedule

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Boston University, Boston, MA, Batch of 2007

Contact for reference information

We sign off by reminding you that you need to be descriptive in your camp management skills and previous work experience while writing your very own camp manager resume. We wish you the very best!

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