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Business Unit Manager Resume

A business unit manager resume is written by a person who has a good amount of prior experience at managerial positions in other companies. It is a high post that comes with a lot of responsibilities and accountability. One has to be sure of his/ her skills and be suitably qualified for the job in question. A business unit is any of the one offices of a company situated at a particular location which needs for someone to manage and look after the overall operations their. A person with a good amount of experience in management duties and good human resource skills could be the right person for this kind of a demanding job.

Companies often have offices at multiple locations, separated by geographical distance. While each of these offices may be undertaking specific operations looked after by specific supervisors, a person is needed to take control of the helm of affairs there and watch over the entire office unit. He is the one who is accountable to the higher management for all the work in that specific unit.

There is a specific format and style for writing a resume for this kind of posts. This format has been given below along with a resume sample for your consideration. Go through it and learn what kind of language is used in such resumes, what is the flow of the information, what kinds of sections are to be included in it, and how long should it be.

Fred Joseph
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To take up a job as business unit manager in order to exercise my excellent skills of management to handle the operations of the plant and oversee the day to day workings of the establishment.


  • 6 years of extensive experience in managing operations like manufacturing and administration
  • Handled the responsibilities of daily production, logistics, and quality control inspections during my stint with GDF Tech
  • Improved the manufacturing turnover by 19% during a time period of 6 months with the help of augmented technology and six sigma practice
  • Proactive at setting new targets and developing new strategies to achieve them
  • Managed responsibilities related to project management including tooling, scheduling, infrastructure management, etc while working with TDK


  • Experience in improving the business units' employee turnover
  • Ability to face the dynamic challenges of everyday work environment

Skill Set

  • Excellent communication skills for better communicating with colleagues, subordinates, and the management.
  • Good understanding of management skills and tactics to keep everyone happy.
  • Good at coming up with technological solutions to face any discrepancy that may arise anytime.
  • Skillful at training new employees and getting them accustomed to the ways of the unit.
  • Excellent human resource management skills along with an ability to work smoothly with different personalities of people.
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills to keep the wheel running.
  • Excellent time management skills for ensuring meeting of deadlines.

Other Skills

  • Good at operating computers and using internet.
  • Up to date with latest mobile technology
  • Up to date with the new silicon technology.

Work Experience

TDK Manufacturing
General Manager- Productions (2008 till Present)

  • Looked after the production plant processes for the company head office in New York
  • Revamped and realigned the processes internally in the factory in order to introduce more transparency in the company's working
  • Conducted six sigma training for the executives in order to increase the profits and minimize the errors in the processes
  • Generated data projections and based on these, set the future targets for the workers

GDF Tech
Floor Manager (2006-2008)

  • Inspecting the machines from time to time for ensuring proper performance and standards
  • Maintaining proper safety standards on the manufacturing floor and providing the workers with the proper safety gear
  • Listening to the workers and addressing their problems concerning production
  • Ensuring proper lighting and ventilation conditions in the work bay
  • Reporting to the production manager on a daily basis


  • MBA in Human Resource Management, GK School of HR Studies, New York University, 2004
  • Technical Engineering, New York College of Technical Engineering, 2001


Here, write a summary of some the key skills that are relevant to thins line of work.

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