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Business Travel Sales Manager Resume

With the increased business complexities and competition, it is advisable for the businesses to manage their key business relations with proper care and value creation services. Likewise, travel business too needs sales managers to deal with its local and national customer markets. Hence, such positions assume highly developed communication skills and research abilities to identify and respond to the present market demands. So, while writing a business travel sales manager resume, communicate managerial excellence to coordinate various tasks and activities in association with travel and tourism business development.

Before going through actual resume writing, have a quick look at the positional responsibilities that a Business Travel Sales Manager needs to complete as a part of daily routine.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Identifying potential customers and revenue opportunities to deal with business development tactics and strategies
  • Creating market excellence and attracting potential customers with good customer relationship management techniques
  • Offering world class services to manage professional business and creating awareness about travel services and facilities
  • Ensuring proper marketing and advertising strategies to develop client base and enhancing fruitful interactions
  • Discussing market requirements and research to offer the market with highly innovative services

Thus, with well comprehensive networking and development skills, a Business Travel Sales Manager ensures increased business prospects and market performance. So, craft a resume that asserts the candidate's skills to offer industry wise performance to deal with travel business and sales functions, with achievement of sales targets.

Here, find the given sample to understand key business skills and learn how to manage resume specific requirements. Get an idea about how to deal with actual resume content and develop your own resume sample.

Augustin P. Rodriguez
2625 Francis Mine
Downieville, CA 95936
Phone: 530-462-2671
Email Address:


With a clarified vision and strategies to deal with sales functions in the area of travel and tourism management, I am eagerly waiting to handle the business development accountability functions as a Business Travel Sales Manager, where I can display my potential abilities to manage key business relations.


  • Dealt with Traveling Business Development Support functions for 6 years
  • Worked as a Business Strategist and Assistant Business Development Executive
  • Familiarity with tendering and projects management
  • Professional management of business accounts and portfolio
  • Expertise in dealing with tele sales services


  • Management and administration excellence to deal with project management services
  • Research and analytical functions management
  • Good integration and hospitality excellence
  • Professional accounts and customer relationship management
  • Cooperative and supportive nature to work as a dynamic team member

Technical Skills:

  • Hierarchical Database Management
  • MS Word, MS Power Point, and Excel Spreadsheets Management
  • 3D designing and automated computer aided designing skills


  • Masters in Management with specialization in Sales and Marketing from California Institute of Technology 2000
  • Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Management from Colorado Technical University in 1998
  • Trained in strategic business development and practices management
  • Attended 4 months program on Advanced Technology and Business Management

Professional Experience:

Atlanta Travel and Tourism Pvt. Ltd. Atlanta, GA
Designation: Travel and Marketing Manager

2010-till date
Responsibilities Handled

  • Attracting potential customers and managing existing customer relationships with business development excellence
  • Collaborating marketing and sales strategies to develop business management practices with world class value creation
  • Offering timely services and ensuring quick information transfer with increased customer satisfaction
  • Solving customer queries and managing client database to ensure quick and speedy access to the market

Universal Business Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Downieville, CA
Designation: Assistant Business Development Executive

Responsibilities Handled

  • Catered business development needs and demands of the clients with management of customized projects and services
  • Offered advisory and technical support to implement advanced technological systems
  • Complied with business development views of the clients with equally well integrated plans
  • Supplied the clients with market research and analysis to generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Created new business perspective with diversification of risks and management of external threats


  • Received 'Excellent Performer of the Decade' award, for giving consistent performance and exceeding business sales targets in three consecutive years

Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready to travel anywhere and is capable of working in flexible working hours, with rotation of shifts. Capable of handling independent business development responsibilities.


This is to declare that the above mentioned information is true and offered sincerely.

Augustin P. Rodriguez

Meticulously enough, deal with each and every section of the resume to offer the recruiter with a customized resume that deals with highly effective and advanced business excellence to deal with sales functions. Highlighting travel and tourism industry experience will be an added benefit to get ensured about the candidate's potential responses in advance. Hence, while creating a well expressive business travel sales manager resume, deal with managerial excellence to offer accurate sales results with highly talented business development skills. Stress on potential abilities to engage with customers and good interpersonal abilities to achieve the given sales targets. Strategic and tactical business practices can surely convince the employer with great work efficiency and talent.

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