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Business Planning Manager Resume

With emergence of cut throat competition, it becomes obligatory for the organization to perform well in the market, otherwise, its survival cannot be determined with certainty; that is how the present market situation is. So, a business planning manager's role is vital for identifying potential growth opportunities from the market and giving the business a new direction to serve its clients. Thus, to have constant updated reviews and to march at growth and development, planning manager searches for the areas of performance improvement. So, while writing business planning manager resume, highlight strategic handling of matters and planning functions with managerial practices in the field.

A business planning manager is supposed to perform a variety of analytical tasks to understand the present business needs and market opportunities, to combine them well to get competitive advantage. Thus, with strategic handling of management issues, it becomes easy for him/ her to visualize company's future performance. Here, have a look at positional responsibilities that a business planner is expected to discharge as a part of his/ her employment at organization.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Identifying the market potential and growth opportunities with close analysis and scrutiny of present situation.
  • Assisting the management to know and determine the business process re-engineering issues.
  • Carrying out SWOT analysis to determine external threats and internal strengths of business with reference to current market changes.
  • Suggesting the senior level management with useful recommendations to serve business growth and expansion needs.
  • Analyzing critical business plans and strategies to improve business performance, with scientific calculations of the situation.
  • Managing business development functions with the required proactive approach

Thus, a business planning manager has to be strategic and systematic to calculate business growth functions and in deciding future strategies to face the market challenges. He/she needs to learn different strategies or programs that support in business planning processes. Let the candidate's resume project the efficient manner, in which business can be planned in an innovative way.

Here, go through the given sample to understand resume requirements and think about how you could use it to craft your own resume example.

Bradley S. Southwell
4688 Ritter Street
Huntsville, AL 35816
Phone: 245-265-5652
Email Address:


With wide gained expertise of 5 years, in managing business expansion and development needs, I am searching for the position of a Business Planning Manager in a business development industry, where I will get a chance to shoulder independent responsibilities and prove my potential and strategic handling of matters.


  • Practiced professional at solving business development needs of the customers with effective customer relationship management.
  • Extensive customer base available with abilities to provide highly customized services
  • Proficient planner and organizer to visualize dreams with good analytical power
  • Worked as an Assistant Business Planning Manager for the period of 3 years
  • Experience in dealing with business development needs of a variety of industries


  • Exceptional research and analytical abilities to evaluate market environment
  • Professional expertise to define industry requirements
  • Managerial abilities to integrate a variety of activities together
  • Good planner with high critical thinking abilities
  • Mathematical and statistical skills with the required accuracy and exactness

Technical Skills:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office functions management
  • Proficient in managing Microsoft Excel functions
  • Practiced at operating database management (DBMS) functions


  • Masters in Business Administration from California Institute of Technology with majors in Business Policies and Strategic Management in 2008.
  • Bachelors in Business Management from California Institute of Integral Studies in 2006
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Business Processes and Technology Management from University of California System.
  • Attended a training program to understand current market trends and business development needs to offer the best business-process re-engineering services as per the industry requirements.

Professional Experience:

ERUP Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Laurens, IA
Designation: Assistant Business Planning Manager

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Identifying industry specific requirements and integrating strategic plans to fulfill client demands.
  • Establishing effective and efficient management support to design business process re-engineering work.
  • Defining business issues and practices to offer the organization with effective business plans and development support.
  • Providing technical support to understand business development plans with coordination of a variety of activities.
  • Monitoring developed business strategies with tactical skills to ensure effective contribution from operational level workforce.

Thomas Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Gregory S. Hope
Designation: Assistant Business Planning Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Conducted tests and evaluation of developed business plans to ensure their practical feasibility.
  • Designed plan layout, patterns, and structures to ascertain improved business performance.
  • Handled strategy development and policy formation jobs to visualize and implement business plans in an effective manner.
  • Managed essential designing matters to ascertain achievement of established productivity targets and ensured administration of the same.
  • Offered effective support in management decision making with analysis of internal and external environment.


  • Recipient of 'Coordinator of the Year 2010' for designing and development of new business plan and its effective administration with effective strategy implementation.


  • Affiliated to a club, offering voluntary membership to the interested candidates, who desire to avail a platform to discuss technological advancements in the field of business development.

Mobility and Flexibility:

With abilities to coordinate a variety of functions and necessary flexibility of operations, capable of offering highly customized business development solutions. Quick and speedy learning aptitude, incorporating advanced business expansion strategies.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Bradley S. Southwell

Updated understanding of business development tools, practices, and methodologies make it easy to incorporate powerful business plans and ensure smooth administration of the same. So, create an effective resume sample for business planning manager that discusses your designing and administration skills. It needs to justify your strategic and tactical expertise to handle business executive functions. Increase your chances of selection, by presenting your accomplishments in advanced technical jobs.

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