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Business Intelligence Manager Resume

A Business Intelligence Manager's role is highly essential in knowledge management exercises, where the organization creates competitive advantage with data collection, analysis, and knowledge management. Such position involves in depth understanding of systems and analytical jobs, to offer the management with compressed and highly essential knowledge. Thus, his/her main responsibilities relates to collection of historical data and performances, to classify them and process them with advanced techniques and tools to get highly critical knowledge. Such knowledge is a part of business intelligence processes carried out to manage sustainable growth and development.

While writing a business intelligence manager resume, the candidate should deal with his/her expertise faculties to deal with data analysis and interpretation techniques to offer the organization with the best results. So, highlight understanding of information technology skills and advanced research tools that ensure good results. With the responsibilities enumerated below, learn the duties that an intelligence manager needs to discharge.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the organization's business capacities and performances to offer the management with decision making support
  • Managing operational and functional data to evaluate business performance
  • Identifying the key areas of business performance and offering managerial support to coordinate essential information
  • Creating and developing competitive advantage with the help of information as a competitive resource
  • Ensuring sustainable business growth and decision support system to manage critical issues

Thus, with extensive understanding of systems and information technology functions, it becomes easy for the candidate to convince the employer about his/her intelligence services in analyzing business performances. So, while writing business intelligence manager resume sample, deal with managerial excellence to data processing and knowledge management.

Provided with the sample, understand resume requirements and get some ideas to make your resume more expressive and professional.

Michael S. Rhea
462 Black Oak Hollow Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Phone: 834-123-3214
Email Address:


With extensive experience in managing business intelligence and data processing services with highly advanced data ware-housing and data mining techniques, I like to prove my potential in carrying out analytical tasks to offer strategic business intelligence services as a Business Intelligence Manager.


  • Assisted Business Intelligence Officer to identify potential business opportunities
  • Handled Executive Information Systems support functions
  • Decision Support System Manager
  • Contributed in the development of new business units
  • Worked as a dynamic team member of the business intelligence team


  • Research aptitude with strong statistical and mathematical skills
  • Proficiency in data ware-housing and data mining with business analytics
  • Professional knowledge management with advanced IT support
  • Highly effective oral and written communication skills
  • Management and organization abilities

Technical Skills:

  • OLTP (Online Transaction Processing), OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), MOLAP (Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing experience
  • Hierarchical DBMS, SDLC expertise
  • SAP CRM (SAP Customer Relationship Management)
  • Modeling with Strategic Business Planning and Re-engineering expertise
  • SAP Business Warehouse, intuitive business development solutions with information intelligence
  • Knowledge Management and Business Reporting
  • Automated Computer Aided Designing


  • Masters Certification Program in Project Management and Execution 2002
  • Bachelors in Computer Science Management from University of Southern California in 2000
  • Certification program in Information Technology Management
  • Received training in Business Process Re-engineering and Strategic Planning

Professional Experience:

Alton Knowledge Management Services Ltd. Waipahu, HI
Designation: Knowledge Manager

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Promoting knowledge sharing and integration of analyzed information to get competitive advantage
  • Ensuring sustainable business growth and development with advanced knowledge management practices
  • Improving business processes with systematic analysis of data with regard to the organization's historical performances and identification of key areas of improvement
  • Offering effective decision support to the management to deal with the strategic decisions
  • Ensuring proper and effective information sharing with utilization of advanced technological developments

Universal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Walnut Creek, CA
Designation: Director, Business Systems

Role and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrated data processing and analysis techniques with market research abilities and practices
  • Carried out data analysis and management exercises to offer the management with highly critical information
  • Identified commercial and business applications of the generated information to create competitive advantage
  • Established strategic business development practices with clarified analysis and interpretation of market performances
  • Ensured necessary documentation and records to develop highly effective business intelligence system


  • Received nation wide recognition for the Information Technology research project carried out, to develop highly advanced interactive information systems, generating strategic resource with competitive advantage


  • Availed membership of a Technical Resource Generation and Information Management Association, providing effective administration support to develop Knowledge Management Systems in newly set up organizations

Mobility and Flexibility

Comprehensive and tactical business development excellence with strategic handling of information management systems. Adaptable and focused aptitude to face the technological challenges and manage dynamic environment changes professionally.


This is to inform that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Michael S. Rhea

Specifically enough, the candidate, who wish to seek employment opportunities for such business intelligence position, needs to be strategic and tactical, while conveying his/her technical expertise in the field of managing information as a competitive resource. To be specific, let your business intelligence resume sample communicate your excellent analytical skills to comprehend commercial applicability of information as a resource. Highlight understanding of advanced analytical tools and methodologies to process information and utilize it as a strategic resource. Cite different technical certification and training courses accomplished to offer highly customized knowledge as per department requirements.

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