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Business Change Manager Resume

Job Description:

A business change manager has to suggest the management necessary changes in the organisation structures, business processes and staff pattern keeping in mind the improvement of the business. The main focus of such change management is to minimize employee resistance and maximise employee engagement and at the same time to protect the interests of the employees.

A business change manager has to plan strategies and make changes in the business to enable to get ultimate utilisation, and higher proficiency from the employees of the organisation so that the goals of the business organisation are achieved. He/she has to act as a coach in training the senior people and executives of the organisation about the changes to be made at the organisation and business level and explain how the changes will improve the business prospective.

A business change manager has to develop a change management strategy knowing fully well about the impact, the changes will make on the employees and the organisation. He or she has to make a logical study, conduct readiness assessments, evaluate and foresee the results based on the present findings to enable others to understand and follow the changes. He/she has to coordinate with the human resource specialists and other officials before suggesting any change management schemes.

Richard H
2516, Shinn Street
New York
Phone: 212-755-1386

Job Objective:

I am very much interested in acquiring a business change manager position in a reputed business organisation to show my skills and grow along with the company.

Summary of Skills:

  • I have good experience in preparation of budget and auditing.
  • I have deep knowledge of management practices and can manage any number of employees.
  • I have the capacity to perform multi tasks without affecting the performance of each task.
  • I have good verbal and written communication skills and deal with the employees tactfully.
  • I have good computer skills, including Microsoft Suite, Linux, etc. and can use different computer languages.
  • When allotted multi tasks, I can myself understand which task is to be given top priority and arrange the tasks according to the order of priority.

Professional Experience:

I am working as a business change manager in Efficient Business Corporation in Richfield, PA from January, 2007 to till date and my duties and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I have created awareness of business process changes to the clients and other internal teams.
  • I have trained a team of ten officials of the organisation and explained the positions prior to organisational re-structure and after the changes took place.
  • I have trained them regarding the taking over of new organisational changes like security standards, changes in business approach, software changes, changes in fee structure, etc.
  • I have performed market analysis and research in order to change the pattern of advertisement through different media. I have developed innovative ideas in promoting the company brand products and services.
  • I have travelled extensively to manage and plan events as well as advertisement campaigns to promote the business.
  • I have developed varieties of market strategies to improve the business.

I had also gained experience in working as a business change manager in William Business Solutions in Livonia, MI from the year 2003 to 2006 and my contributions were as given below.

  • I had prepared the financial statements and monthly reports on the activities of the organisation.
  • I had estimated the financial needs of the company for the near future and derived plans to achieve the target.
  • I had closely watched the sales and marketing departments and suggested some changes for the improvement in those sectors.
  • After I took over, I had developed high quality customer services to the business clients.
  • Even though changes are made in all respects, I had ensured that business plans are in line with the policies and regulations of the organisation.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Post Graduate degree in Business Administration from a University in Washington.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the same University.


Will be available on request.

A good resume is to be written in focussing and concise sentences. Instead of explaining your skills in words, describe them in numbers. If you had some employees under your control, tell that you had supervised the performance of 10 or 20 employees. The number psychology will be more attractive than descriptive method.

You have to craft a business change manager resume in such a way it catches the attention of the hiring manager and make him/her to read the full resume to know about you and your accomplishments. The importance of business change manager resume is to incorporate verifiable information about your skills and experience.

As regards to the details of business change manager resume, you have to quote your communication skills, integrity, devotion to work, motivation and adaptability to work and the employers expect these qualities from their prospective and present employees.

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