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Building Project Manager Resume

Job Description:

A building project manager is responsible to supervise the activities of the workers, who are engaged in receiving, storing, issuing and maintaining the construction materials and machineries at the storing yards. He/she has the responsibility to dispatch the required material and machines to the construction site. The project manager is responsible for purchase of materials and supplies, when found needed. He/she is responsible for the use of cranes and maintenance of equipment and machines.

A building project manager is responsible for the coordination of a building project. He/she has to manage the performances of the construction workers at the construction site and has to prepare a budget and estimate on the expenses that are required to meet the client's plans of work. The project manager has to liaise with the professionals like engineers, plumbers, electricians and others, who are all involved in the project from the commencement to the completion of the project.

A building project manager is responsible for providing safety to the construction workers and ensures a good working environment to them. He/she has to ensure that the project is running to the schedule and see that work is progressing within the allotted budget. He/she has to report all about these parameters to the client company for revising the plans, budget and time schedule, if necessary.

Steven B
4801, Davis Street
Phone: 706-391-7104

Career Objective:

I am looking eagerly to get a post of building project manager in a reputed construction company to use my acquired skills and extensive experience in the field.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I am experienced in taking up the Government contracts and completing the contract works successfully.
  • I possess operational knowledge of computer application and in Microsoft applications.
  • I know to prioritize the works, according to its importance, and at the same time I can manage and supervise at least five projects at a time.
  • I have the ability to work with a team and can take individual responsibility in performing a specific work.
  • I have excellent management skills to control the workers and extract work from them in a smooth manner.
  • I am familiar with Government contract works, as I am experienced in undertaking and completing such works.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a building project manager in Style Construction Company in Los Vegas from August, 2007 to till date and I am holding the following responsibilities.

  • I have supervised all the company's projects from the birth to the completion and ensured the effectiveness of the projects.
  • I have developed good relationship with several personnel and project supervisors and I hold joint inspection at the construction sites with them.
  • I am maintaining fool proof safety to all at the construction sites.
  • I attend all the meetings related with the contracts and suggested various measures for cost savings and improving efficiency in work.
  • I am in charge of monitoring the performance of the sub-contractors and periodically advise them to adhere to the contract regulations.

Apart from the above company, I had worked as a building project manager in Martha Constructions located in Clutier, IA from the year 2004 to June, 2006 and I held the following roles and responsibilities.

  • I had scheduled the work assignments according to the building requirements and ensured strict adherence.
  • I have trained the employees regarding operational procedures of various equipments, materials and machines.
  • I had taken special care in ensuring security arrangements at the construction site and at the store rooms.
  • I had documented all the events, progresses, plans, expenses and other important aspects of the projects separately for future guidance.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Business Administration from a University in California.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Construction Technology from a University in Boston.


Will be disclosed on request.

As the job market is very tight and competitive, the graduates and technical professionals struggle to get placements as per their tastes and qualifications. The employers are receiving numerous job applications daily and they also struggle to choose the best candidates among the applicants. Introduction of resumes, to be enclosed with applications, help the hiring managers to reject many of the candidates on the basis of the quality of resumes.

If you are aiming to enter into the construction sector, you have to design a building project manager resume and explain your skills in the field. The importance of building project manager resume is the gate opener for you to get an interview call. Therefore, you have to prepare an attractive and eye catching resume and the details of building project manager resume should consist of your skills, experience and technical and administrative qualifications which are the basic requirements for such positions.

The presentation of the resume should be in such a way that the employer must consider you as the potential candidate for the post required by them.

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