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Building Manager Resume

A Building Manager works under the supervision of a Facility Manager and ensures necessary safety and controls relating to operations management. With well built structures and facilities, a Building Manager's role is to understand operations requirements and to offer support to deal with technical operational tasks. So, with strong operations and engineering excellence, he/she manages safety and health functions relating to work. It needs strong observation and engineering engagements to offer the management with the best results. His/her main job relates to observing safety precautions to avoid accidents with establishment of business cost control tools and techniques. Keeping proper air supply, ventilation, electricity controls, and maintenance becomes easy with well engineering knowledge and develops smooth operations management. Hence, with strong engineering excellence, he/she needs to ensure proper facility management and is accountable for proper estimates relating to safety and control measures.

So, while writing a building manager resume sample, the candidate needs to focus on his/her professional excellence to deal with building surroundings and proper development of atmospheric inputs needed for operations.

Get a detailed description of the key responsibilities relating to positional duties and tasks.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Evaluating the building exposure and identifying the key requirements of operations management
  • Ensuring proper air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, etc., to ensure smooth operations on the floor and to control unnecessary costs
  • Providing training support to the operational work force to deal with machines and equipment
  • Observing materials and building capacity to accommodate the place and developing disaster management system to deal with emergency services
  • Ensuring daily checks and inspection to avoid potential disasters and risks

Thus, with keen observation and engineering skills, it becomes easy for him/her to identify project requirements and to offer the best performance. Hence, while applying for the offer, let the building manager resume emphasize such key skills with the remarkable cost control achievements in the field.

With the given sample, get some productive ideas to deal with resume skills and professional experiences in the area of building management systems. Stress on technical skills and qualifications for maintaining proper building set ups and management services.

Earnest A. Devore
3269 Walnut Street
Harperville, MS 39080
Phone: 346-246-2457
Email Address:


With wide ranging experience in the development of building management system set ups and controls, I desire to prove my potential in offering the organization with highly competitive building environment that leads to effective cost controls and safety management.


  • 7 years of experience in managing building facilities and system management
  • Handled Building management System Support Team for 4 years
  • Accounted for building management services and technical support
  • Demonstrated engineering excellence and practices
  • Dealt with customized project management services professionally


  • Strong analytical and problem solving aptitude
  • Capable of handling independent projects management jobs
  • Skilled in engineering modeling and security management
  • Troubleshooting operations with strong decision making skills
  • Excellence in dealing with non-routine issues and administration jobs
  • Good leadership skills with time management expertise

Technical Skills:

  • Report preparation and management with Excel Spreadsheets
  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Auto CAD operations
  • Biohazard safety program
  • Value Methodology Practitioner (VMP) program
  • Engineering Certification from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)


  • Masters of Science in Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2003
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Management from University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2001
  • Certification Program in Building Management System (BMS) and Digital Technology Management

Professional Experience:

Thomas Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. Minneapolis, MN
Designation: Building Management System Support

2009-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Deploying strategic and systematic settings of machinery and equipment to ensure the best safety and controls
  • Ensuring proper follow up of engineering practices to control unnecessary costs and expenses
  • Catering technical processing and engineering requirements of the operational workforce
  • Monitoring technical changes and ensuring process improvement engineering plans for the building facilities

Richards Manufacturing Industries Ltd. Rockwall, TX
Designation: Assistant Building Manager Systems

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Ensured highly advanced project management services with the development of re-engineering plans
  • Observed technical requirements and resolved the issues relating to engineering works
  • Offered technical support to deal with facilities and layouts to utilize atmospheric energy and light in the best possible manner
  • Designed plans to ensure proper environment controls and safety measurements


  • Recipient of 'Certificate of Excellence' for quality operations input and management of professional building management services
  • Awarded for high degree of collaborative work integrity services management to control unwanted costs and expenses

Mobility and Flexibility:

Well research and development aptitude to deal with work pressures and activities associated with building management. Adaptable and flexible approach to respond to the new technological developments and changes.


This is to declare that the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Earnest A. Devore

Thus, building management systems services assume professional excellence in dealing with technical jobs and creative talent to develop project efficiency with the help of well integrated plans. So, it becomes obligatory for the candidate to assert his/her technical excellence and proficiency in the field to offer the best results with focus on quality perspective. Let the building manager resume sample portray equally well appreciated skills required to complete the daily responsibilities of the position. Cite experience and professional administration work completed under the supervision of a Facility Manager, to ensure proper development of competitive advantage and safety.

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