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Broadcast Operation Manager Resume

Want to prepare a successful resume? Well, all you need is planning the content and outline of the template. You also need to think over the ideal ways that will impress the employer. This broadcast operations manager resume is a way to begin your resume. It provides a brief job description of the profile in addition to the template. The overall structure of the sample gives the picture of a professional resume. This resume makes use of suitable jargon that meets the industry standards. The best part of the sample is that the sections can be utilized to match with your personal job requirements. This resume will work in a great way and also fetch you a job interview.

A broadcasting operations manager is a communication and broadcasting professional who manages the day to day operations of a broadcasting department. Broadcasting operations manager can work in television, radio, or any broadcasting centre.

Some of the primary duties of a broadcast operation manager include managing and overseeing the work activities of the broadcasting team, providing technical support instructions, developing and implementing long term broadcasting plans, building and maintaining relationship with the media personnel, procurement of broadcasting equipment, evaluating media products and technologies, interfacing with internal and external vendors, coordinating in broadcasting operations, developing operational goals, monitoring video and audio media acquisition, supervising broadcasting distribution activities, managing network control operations, and developing broadcasting trends.

A broadcasting operations manager should be familiar with the broadcast operation management, operations, and services with telecommunication technologies. To gain the position, it is required to obtain a bachelor's degree in broadcasting. The essential skill sets include excellent relationship building, management, and communication skills.

Sample Broadcasting Operation Manager Resume

Eva Lawrence
25East Congress Parkway
Chicago 60605
Contact: (312) 888-6789

Career Goal:

Hands on experience in overseeing, managing, and coordinating broadcasting operations and activities. Seeking a responsible position as a broadcasting operations manager in an established organization

Area of Expertise:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of broadcast distribution technology, distribution of broadcasting programs, and broadcasting equipment
  • In-depth knowledge of broadcasting distribution systems and techniques
  • Extensive knowledge of telecommunication technologies, disaster recovery subsystems, and maintenance of broadcast systems
  • Hands on experience in handling broadcast issues and providing support in disaster recovery plans
  • Ability to communicate professionally with excellent interpersonal and management skills
  • Skilled in building relationships and the ability to work under pressure and in a fast paced working environment

Education Details:

Achieved Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism
California College in the year 2009

Work Experience:

Organization: EDS Entertainment, California
Duration: September 2011 till date
Designation: Broadcast Operation Manager

  • Handle the tasks of providing technical support in EDS entertainment broadcast environment
  • Responsible for managing and supervising the work activities of the broadcasting staff
  • Assigned the tasks of developing standard procedures of broadcasting service to set target and goals
  • Perform responsibilities of monitoring and supervising show distribution and production related events
  • Handle the tasks of managing budget as well as developing and implementing long term broadcasting plans
  • Assigned responsibilities of handling and responding to emergencies in broadcast operations and distribution

Organization: Zest Group, California
Duration: July 2008 to August 2009
Designation: Senior Broadcast Executive

  • Assigned responsibilities of supervising staff and providing training to the staff in areas of broadcasting operations
  • Handled the tasks of administering budget, collaborating in marketing activities, and overseeing the broadcasting staff
  • Performed responsibilities of assisting the broadcast operation manager in planning future broadcast systems
  • Responsible for supervising broadcasting distribution activities and managing the broadcast operations
  • Handled the tasks of developing and maintaining effective relationship with the media personnel
  • Assigned responsibilities of upgrading and deployment of broadcasting systems
  • Performed the tasks of developing broadcasting trends and network control management

The thought of preparing a resume comes to every applicant. However, only a few achieve success in the application process. Writing a resume is not hard with the right guidelines in hand. The sample in the page will help you to overcome the challenges you have faced in the writing process. It will help you to identify the unique writing process. Make your resume simple and to the point to get the expected results. This resume is an acceptable format for any kind of job application. You can build a resume and expect a job interview.

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