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Bookstore Manager Resume

Job Description:

A bookstore manager has the responsibility to run the bookstore with profit and see that the sales are on the increase and he or she has to run the store according to the policies laid down. A bookstore manager has to lead the staff in the store and supervise the daily activities of the employees. He/she has to hire the employees, train them and schedule work allocation among them and manage the customer complaints by answering and rectifying the defects in the services provided.

The manager has the responsibility to control inventory, order for new materials, determine the time and quantity of the order and look into some special orders. He/she has to prepare the daily report on sales and cash dealings and submit the same to the supervisors for perusal. A bookstore manager is the person who has to coordinate and negotiate with the sales representatives in respect of merchandise and orders.

The manager is the authority to determine policies and procedures in running the bookstore and make necessary changes in work methods for the benefit of the store. The manager has to open, close the store according to specified timings and keep the store under lock and key. He/she is responsible for all types of correspondences with the internal and external people connected with the functions of the bookstore.

Martha R
4974, Bottom Lane
Phone: 716-680-0352

Job Objective:

My objective is to obtain a bookstore manager in a college or in a leading bookstore to prove and enhance my skills in the field.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I am capable of providing satisfactory services to the customers as I am experienced in retail industry.
  • I am proficient with computer applications, especially with Microsoft Office applications.
  • I am aware of available transport services, freight services and shipping carriers.
  • I have deep knowledge in retail trading, practices, cash dealings, budgeting and accounting.
  • I am also proficient in marketing, inventory maintenance and control.
  • I am capable of supervising the work of other employees and guide them to work properly to run the store smoothly.
  • I am capable of resolving any issues relating to deficiency in performance, grievances of the staff and more.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a bookstore manager in a leading book store in Miller Grove, TX from January, 2006 to till date and I had held the following responsibilities.

  • In respect of distribution services, I have provided maximum level of customer services.
  • I am in charge of monitoring store inventory and for managing receivable items.
  • I am responsible for ensuring compliances regarding policies and procedures.
  • I am responsible for keeping the environment clean and for this purpose , I had appointed employees.
  • I have given necessary training to the newly recruited employees and allotted work to them.
  • I never hesitate to work overtime as I am duty conscious.

Prior to the above appointment, I had worked as a bookstore assistant in Presidency College in California from the year 2003 to 2005 and I had discharged the following duties and received commendations from the management.

  • I had supervised the work of student cashiers and trained them in keeping accounts and cash maintenance.
  • I was sincere in attending to my duties and gave full satisfactory services to the customers.
  • I was responsible for bookkeeping record activities on computers.
  • I was looking after the inventory of all supplies and issued orders for new supply of books as required by the students.
  • I had coordinated bookstore activities with the other departments of the college.
  • I was responsible for arranging the books subject wise and helped easy identification by the customers.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a B.S degree in Business Administration from a University in Texas.
I have a certificate for attending the certificate course for librarians.


Will be made available on request.

If you are looking for a bookstore manager position, it is absolutely essential to prepare a bookstore manager resume explaining your experiences in managing a bookstore effectively. If you are called for an interview, you are going to list your strongest points. Like that, you should not fail to mention your strongest points in the relevant field in your resume and such is the importance of bookstore manager resume.

The details of bookstore manager resume should contain relevant information pertaining to that of a bookstore manager and if your resume is padded, most of the hiring managers will disqualify you. You have to read the job description carefully and note the key words and use them to focus your resume. Your resume should be an eye-catching one and easy to read. There is nothing wrong in using simple language, but you have to convey your skills and talents in clear terms.

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