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Automotive General Manager Resume

Job Description:

An automotive general manager has the responsibility to interview, select, and appoint personnel for the organization and give training to them. He or she has the power to take disciplinary proceedings against erring personnel and if necessary resort to termination, to run the organization smoothly. The manager has the responsibility to develop a cordial relationship with all the workers at all levels and provide a good atmosphere to carry out their duties effectively.

He or she has to help employees by giving valuable guidance in their works and assist them in their professional development. The manager has to review the business climate periodically and adjust the staffing pattern and materials according to the needs. The manager has to be an expert in business forecasts and evaluate the business strategy and plans. He or she has to act as a representative for the community and public relations activities.

As directed by the management, the general manager has to perform travel responsibilities such as attending trade fairs and other assigned duties. The managers should have excellent communication skills in oral and written form to deal with business people and the customers.

Douglas S
2140, Carmine Lane
Phone: 806-463-2938

Job Objective:

I am looking to get an automotive general manager position in an organization to show my skills for the betterment of myself as well as the employer.

Areas of Excellence:

  • I am highly experienced in managing automotive sales for the organization.
  • I am proficient in accounting procedures, practices and in respect of front end dealership.
  • I am always thorough with business articles, can interpret them and possess deep knowledge of Government regulations.
  • I can adjust to any situation and solve arising problems instantly.
  • I can have correspondence with business organizations and write reports.
  • I can analyze and deal with budget, financial statements and profit and loss statements.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as an automotive general manager in a business organization in Atlanta from January, 2007 to till date and my assignments are given below.

  • I have monitored daily activities and provided necessary services to all workers.
  • I have coordinated with all the departments of the organization regarding distribution of products and fixing the prices.
  • I have evaluated all business reports like financial reports and performance reports and suggested measures for the improvement in the relevant sectors.
  • I am in charge of scheduling works among the workers and ensured strict compliance in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • If felt necessary, I have engaged extra workers on hire basis and ensured execution of all works and completing them in time.
  • I have planned and executed several sales promotions and have always cooperated with other department staff.

Prior to the above employment, I had worked as an automotive manager (sales) in Global Corporation, a business organization in Luciana from the year 2003 to 2006 and had discharged the following responsibilities.

  • I had planned several sales programs and assisted the other sales managers in executing the plans and achieved a considerable increase in overall sales and profits.
  • I was responsible for forecasting daily and monthly sales graph and planned accordingly to improve the sales position.
  • I had also helped the General Manager in advertising the products through several media.
  • I had maintained log book for vehicles movement and vehicle inventory.
  • I had drawn up many marketing plans and implemented the same for business improvement.

Educational Background:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration-Sales and Marketing from a University in Atlanta.
I also have a Diploma in Computer Applications from a College in Luciana.


Available on demand.

Nowadays, resume has become an inevitable document to be presented to a prospective employer by an aspirant, searching for a good position ands having good technical qualifications to his/her credit. Resume need to stand out in order to be effective, as it carries the message that you are the potential candidate required by the employer. If you are looking for an automotive sales manager resume, you have to prepare an effective automotive general manager resume to impress the hiring managers.

In view of the stiff competitions in the job market, the importance of automotive general manager resume is that it has to point out your significant attitudes to a potential employer. While giving the details of automotive general manager resume, you have to give your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job requirement and should not describe your characteristics too much as this is always seen as a fluff.

In lieu of describing your personal characters, say your achievements with proven records and awards and commendations received from your previous employers and eminent people. You need to tell your employer, in your resume, what you wish to accomplish and how you will be beneficial to the company.

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