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AutoCAD Manager Resume

Job Description:

The responsibility of an AutoCAD manager is to oversee the planning and execution of all the designed projects by the drafters of the organization. His or her responsibilities include developing and enforcing CAD standards and see that they are executed according to the required standards. He/she has to supervise and manage the inventory of CADD software systems.

Some more responsibilities of an AutoCAD manager include providing training to the drafters and other supportive staff. He or she has to extend hand in developing projects, scheduling completion of the projects and provision of budgets for executing the projects. The manager has to use his or her wisdom in prioritizing works and allotting the workloads among drafters as the situation warranted.

The AutoCAD manager has to provide technical support in respect of all CAD software. He or she has to interact with the clients on project standards. The most important duty of the manager is to generate written technology reports and evaluations and keep them under safe custody for future adoptions. When needed, the manager has to order for new hardware and configuration and set up the same as soon as it arrives.

Clifton C
2082, Twin Willow Lane
Phone: 910-413-5810

Job Objective:

I am seeking for the position of an AutoCAD manager in an established company to utilize my skills and experience to the fullest satisfaction of my prospective superior officials.

Skills and Competencies Possessed:

  • I have deep knowledge of CAD applications and experience in using them in execution of many projects.
  • I am aware of all the usage of AutoCAD tools such as Corel Draw, etc.
  • I have great communication skills and can discuss with team mates regarding technical and non technical issues and find solution collectively.
  • I am proficient with Corel Draw, Auto Desk products and Solid Works.
  • I never fail to co-operate with the colleagues, engineers, and customers.
  • I have outstanding leadership ability and lead any team to success.
  • I am experienced in software compliance tracking, and anti-virus back-up and maintenance.

Professional Experience:

I am working as an AutoCAD manager in ABC software solutions in Richmond from August, 2007 to till date and my responsibilities are given hereunder.

  • I am providing full technical support to the designers and CAD drafters, ensure maximum work standards and used to recommend technology ideas for execution.
  • I have monitored all problem areas and delays in time schedules in respect of the customers and solved the problems amicably satisfying the customers.
  • I have analyzed the performance of the technical staff for proficiency in their work and ensured to reach maximum productivity.
  • I have actively given training to my juniors in all technical issues regarding CAD system issues.
  • I am always a learner and managed to understand the latest developments and technologies without any confusion and am ready to share my acquired knowledge with all technicians.

Before joining the above position, I had worked as a CAD engineer in a software solutions company in Springfield from the year 2003 to mid 2006 and was given the following assignments.

  • I had prepared and performed a variety of 2-D and 3-D CAD related tasks.
  • I had developed several mechanical designs on 2-D and 3-D formats.
  • I had provided full support to all the products and designs produced.
  • I had strictly enforced quality control guidelines for the designs and products produced under my supervision.
  • Without any ego, I had consulted and gathered technical expertise from the customers and analyzed them.
  • I had advised and guided both the internal and external teams in completing BMI related projects.

Education Background:

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science and Applications from a University in Columbia.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from a University in Columbia.
I also have a certificate in Computer Graphics.


Available on request.

When it comes to job hunt and submission of applications, it is needless to say that you have to impress your prospective employer by submitting a well designed resume, which are the main criteria in this aspect. Further, while you are applying for a technical position like an AutoCAD manager, you have to take strenuous efforts in preparing an attractive AutoCAD manager resume to win a place in the short listed candidates to be called for the interview.

As most of the recruiters scan your resumes to look for the main points that make you suitable to the job requirements, you have to mention your skills and experience that pertain to the job, you are looking for, in the details of AutoCAD manager resume. The importance of AutoCAD manager resume is that you have to mention your achievements in numbers. For instance, if you have managed about 20 employees under your control in your earlier assignment, you can mention the same. To show effectiveness of your resume, you have to speak in numbers and use action words.

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