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Assistant Shipping Manager Resume

Job Description:

Besides assisting the shipping manager in all activities, an assistant shipping manager has to ensure that proper product standards and warehouse principles and procedures are followed strictly and on timely basis. He/she also has to support in the other functions of the organisation such as buying, transporting, accounting, etc. An assistant shipping manager has to build a good rapport with the team leader and members.

The manager has the responsibility to provide a positive work environment, which will maintain high morale of the working staff. He or she has to provide performance feedback reports of the employers and should not hesitate to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the erring officials. The assistant shipping manager should be capable of producing operational productivity and analytical reports on the existing projects as well as other special projects, if warranted.

Whether the employees are aware or not, the manager has to communicate and enforce company policies, vision, goals and safety measures and rules to be adhered strictly. To teach all these measures, he or she has to be thorough with the comprehensive knowledge in the above areas. He/she is also responsible for recruiting new staff, training them and preparing a well performing team.

Grady D
4783, Thompson Street
Phone: 562-641-1437

Job Objective:

I am seeking a position as an assistant shipping manager to use and enhance my professional strengths and experience in renowned warehouse establishment.

Skills Possessed:

  • I possess deep knowledge of rules and regulations concerned with shipping.
  • I am capable of working in a challenging and demanding environment.
  • I can handle multiple shipping duties and tasks and easily work under pressure.
  • I have excellent communication, interpersonal, mathematical, analytical and diagnostic skills.
  • I have great proficiency with Microsoft Word Processor, spreadsheet and internet browsing and processes.
  • My organisational and management skills are quite admirable.
  • I have good negotiation skills and can manage the shipment procedures.
  • I have excellent time management and complete an assigned work within the deadlines.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as an assistant shipping manager in Johnson's Shipping Corporation in Texas from January, 2007 to till date and my graph of performances are as follows.

  • I have complete knowledge of shipping activities and hence handled the tasks effectively.
  • Till today, I am maintaining cordial relationship with the customers, partners and other related employees to ensure smooth functioning.
  • I have always assisted the customers in all operations like booking, boarding and shipping activities such as removing and lifting of goods.
  • I follow the contract rules and regulation strictly and ensure that the deadlines are met and targets achieved.
  • I have provided shipping facilities in an easier way, as I have perfect data collections and analytical reports.

I had also worked as an assistant shipping manager in ABC Warehouse Corporation in Texas from the year 2004 to 2006 and my accomplishments were as follows.

  • I was responsible for evaluating the performance of the employees in shipment processes and suggested measures for improved performance.
  • I had acted as a liaison officer between the Corporation and the Shipping Department and settled bottlenecks that arose periodically.
  • I used to monitor the activities of the workers in the shipping yards and resolve their problems with immediate remedial measures.
  • I was very clear about the shipping schedules and submission of proper documents and guided the shipping clients in this regard.
  • I had assisted the senior shipping officials in administrative matters and helped them in receiving applications, scrutinising them and closure of permits.
  • I was responsible for incoming and outgoing cargos and managed the task with perfection.
  • I was in charge of attending the customers' queries and answering them with necessary clarifications.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Commerce from a university in Georgia.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the same University.
I also have a Diploma in Shipping and Logistics and obtained the same by attending a shipping certificate course.


I shall produce the references on request.

Importance or Presenting a Resume and its Advantages:

In order to provide employers with written evidence of your qualifications and skills, presenting resume and application are the two available ways, before actually meeting them in an interview. To fit in an assistant shipping manager position, you have to craft an assistant shipping manager resume that describes your skills and experience required for the job as per the specifications.

Resumes are compulsorily required for the technical and managerial position. The importance of assistant shipping manager resume is that it should be short, honest, error free and contain positive information only. You have to design the details of assistant shipping manager resume so as to include more information about your skills, achievements and experience, about which a job application cannot give.

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