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Assistant Retail Manager Resume

An assistant retail manager resume highlights the candidate's efficiency in handling the daily functions or operations within a retail outlet or a supermarket, stressing on important aspects pertaining to your professional experience. It aims to project those qualities in you which hold high degree of relevance and significance to the specifications of the job you're seeking. Your application needs to be employer-centered, where the covering letter is supposed to be more of a personal message for your recruiter, a document that introduces him to your profile. You may find it difficult to start writing the resume, but the barrier is formed due to lack of clarity as to what you need to showcase, in terms of your capabilities. You can easily overcome this constraint by contacting the company and discussing your interest and their needs. Note down all the important points, and get further clarity by visiting the company website. Understand their vision and try to latch it with your aspirations.

Make a list of all the skills and qualities that you possess, and pick out those elements that hold no or low value, when associated with the requirements put down by the employer. Now, start your resume by including your contact details, with or without your DOB, followed by a career objective, as shown below in the sample of assistant retail manager resume. Make sure that your objective does not exceed two sentences; you need to incorporate multiple details such as your current designation, your area of interest, your experience etc, while attempting to bridge the gap between your interests and the needs of the employer. Achieving perfection in doing so will earn you the reader's attention, and the objective will play the role of a headline for your resume.

Next, include a profile summary, a short section intended to communicate the major roles that you have played during your previous employments. This section is a smart substitute for your previous job descriptions, which are otherwise mentioned in your employment history. But here, you reduce the whole chunk of information into 6-8 easy-to-grasp points, where all those elements that hold no value, with respect to the new job specifications, are to be kept from inclusion. If you still have a lot of information to include, then try clubbing together some details, so as to facilitate space planning. You see, the recruiter who is destined to review your application will generally be busy reviewing hundreds of applications, due to which you need to restrict the length of your resume and keep it only to the minimum. Keep it direct and specific, omitting unwanted phrases, without which the sentences can still mean the same. Take tips for forming effective sentences from the sample resume provided below.

Similarly, project your skills and qualities, keeping the section specific to your employment scenario. Arrange the contents carefully, using bullets for optimal visibility. You need to bring it all into one section within 5-6 points, where you must focus on your administrative, interpersonal, time/stress management, leadership, and organizational skills. Following your skills section, mention the details of your employer, as illustrated in the sample below. Educational details need not be detailed, where details of your high school graduation is not required.

You may now mention your accomplishments, provided that they hold significance to the job you're seeking. It's better if you skip your academic achievements, for most of the recruiters don't consider general academic awards as achievements. Also, depending upon the employer's requirement, you may need to provide references, in which case, you must include the contact details of two superiors you've worked under (anyone who can provide a feedback on your performance to the new employer).

Sample Assistant Retail Manager Resume

Joshua K. Moultrie
2327 Despard Street
East Point, GA 30344
(404) 763-5537


Asst. Retail Manager, with over 6 years of experience in the management of sales and inventory within retail outlets, seeks an opporunity to further carry out advanced administrative functions, as an active participant in the growth and expansion of your retail group.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in the implementation of organizational and commercial skills in order to meet sales targets and optimize cost budgets
  • Involved in recruitment and development of staff, implemented successful employee retention programs
  • Responsible for meeting operational objectives by ensuring adherence to superior retail standards
  • Constantly kept the staff motivated to ensuring optimal customer service and employee satisfaction
  • Handled inquiries and customer complaints, and took corrective actions to resolve conflicts
  • Coordinated with the Store Manager for store merchandising and organizing promotional offers
  • Aided the procurement of goods and products, received the delivery and checked for damages or expiry

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, facilitating optimal customer service
  • Proficient in inventory control, budget planning, payroll management, and internal auditing
  • Sound motivational and leadership skills, strong commitment to integration of employee efforts
  • Ability to work stress-free under pressure or during rush hours, ensuring optimal performance or productivity
  • Quick decisiveness, confident and enthusiastic, driven by moral values and principles
  • Expert in the use of POS applications, MS Office Works, and related applications; data entry @ 50 WPM

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
Barnes & Noble - East Point, GA
Asst. Retail Manager

2006 - 2009
Marshalls - East Point, GA
Shift Supervisor

2005 - 2006
Lowe's Home Improvement - East Point, GA
Sales Executive


Bachelor in Commerce, 2004
Spelman College - Atlanta, GA
Placed in grade B+


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