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Animal Care Manager Resume

There are various kinds of jobs in the professional field out there. Some of them rely on your brains like the medical and engineering related fields. Some of them rely on your presentation skills, like public relations and flight attendant jobs. Then there are those kinds of jobs which depend both on your organizing abilities as well as your humanitarian potential. Needless to say, whatever the skill set required for the job, you will need a resume regardless.

The resume highlighted on this page happens to be an Animal Care Manager resume. Going by the title, you would be right in presuming that the job falls under the last category mentioned in the previous paragraph. Focus in the resume should be given to the ability of the candidate to coordinate and multi-task as well as show valid proof of possessing a nurturing and compassionate personality. Below, we will look at how to put together an Animal Care Manager resume. But first, we will look at some vital facts regarding the work nature and requirements for the position of an animal care manager.

Work Nature and Requirements for an Animal Care Manager Position

Brief Job Description of an Animal Care Manager

An Animal Care Manager is usually employed in one of the following places- a zoo, a farm, a circus, a pet shop, a pet hotel, or a compound. Basically, any facility where animals are kept under human observation. An animal care manager is expected to look after the animals under his or her care thoroughly, be it making sure that- they receive their daily meals properly, they are groomed in a manner which complies with animal safety standards stated by the law, their personal hygiene is looked after, and their safety is ensured as much as possible. Senior animal care managers are also expected to guide and organize the work of sub animal care workers operating under them.

Skills Essential in order to be an Animal Care Manager

  • Kind, compassionate personality, with a special fondness for animals
  • Knowledgeable in basic animal biology, especially when it comes to nutrition, gestation, and personal hygiene
  • An ability to pay strict adherence to following animal safety procedures and guidelines as laid down by the county, state, or national laws
  • Ability to nurse young and/or sick animals
  • Ability to administer first aid or basic medicine to animals when they need it. Ability to understand when an animal is suffering from a minor illness or injury, and when it needs to be observed by a professional veterinarian.
  • Leadership, coordination and multi-tasking skills
  • Physical stamina, as an animal care manager may have to work in inhumane conditions depending on the nature of the job

Educational Requirements for an Animal Care Manager Job

An Animal Care Manager is required to hold a bachelor's degree in any veterinary related course. Preference would be given to those candidates who have an academic background in management. At least two years' experience of dealing with animals is obligatory, especially for senior posts.

Now that we are done with the job specifics of an Animal Care Manager, let us look at a Sample Animal Care Manger Resume for the convenience of candidates applying for the job -

Sample Animal Care Manager Resume

Personal Details

Name: Charles P. Rees
Address: 3284 Sundown Lane, Austin, TX 78759
Contact Info -
Telephone Number: 542 - 312 - 9910
Email ID:


An experienced Animal Care Manager, looking to be hired by an organization which tends for animals with the same amount of compassion and dedication as the candidate.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Kind and caring personality ideal for the field of animal care
  • Natural fondness and affection for animals
  • Experience with animal hospitality for two years, making it easy to decipher the needs of an animal, besides telling when it needs grooming or medical attention
  • Able to personally groom smaller animals like dogs, cats, mice, rabbit, and birds
  • Competent in performing multiple tasks at the same time, in an efficient manner

Previous Work Experience

Pet Store Manager, Dally's Pet Shop, Austin, TX

I worked as a Pet Store Manager at an Austin pet shop named Dally's, from August 2009 to September 2011.

I was expected to look after the animals in the store- see to their grooming, feeding, medication in case of injured animals, and nursing in case of young animals. I had to also clean the cages of the animals on a weekly basis, in addition to organizing a veterinary visit to the store every fortnight or so.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Technology, University of Texas, Austin, Batch of 2009

Contact for reference information

Make sure that you give attention to mentioning about your experiences with animal handling in the past, and to being predisposed towards animal hospitality, while preparing your individual Animal Care Manager resume. Wishing you the very best in the field of professional animal care.

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