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Alumni Relations Manager Resume

Job Description

The main responsibility of the alumni relations manager is to actively involve in raising funds for the programs organized by the former students of schools and colleges and should tie up with them. Sometimes, these managers are also required to coordinate with the companies and help their former employees to come together and participate in functions and special events organized by the companies such as annual day celebrations, silver jubilee celebrations, etc.

An alumni relations manager is responsible in managing the activities of the alumni right from raising funds to organizing of many social events. While planning for the events, the manager has to prepare the budget required for such functions in coordination with the alumni members. These managers should have close touch with the financial institutions, which are ready to provide funds to conduct the programs. They also have the responsibility to raise funds for the University and College functions.

An alumni relations manager has to help the present students in finding career opportunities and employment. To enable the former students to have contacts with their batch students and students of the same school through network, the alumni manager has to create a forum. He or she has to mentor and supervise the work of volunteers and staff of the alumni association.

James M
1162, Coolidge Street
Phone: 406-850-7228

Career Objective:

I am a hard working person and I look forward to obtain a position of an alumni relations manager in a reputed organization.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I am well experienced in managing alumni relations and organizing functions and events and am aware of online resources.
  • I possess deep knowledge of web page development and desktop publishing.
  • I am capable of resolving all problems that arise in handling multiple projects.
  • I have the capacity to work in any time schedule and am flexible.
  • I can work independently and can initiate any project on my own.
  • I am highly proficient in event management and with my efficient communication skills, can be a good fund raiser.
  • I have excellent management skills and can supervise the volunteers effectively.

Professional Experience:

I am working as an alumni relations manager in ABC Company in New York from January, 2005 to till date and am responsible for the following achievements.

  • With my active co-operation, I have increased the numbers of alumni members by identifying their whereabouts.
  • I have made all possible communication facilities with the alumni members and took initiatives to gather more alumni for the group.
  • I have developed a database to enable all the alumni members to contact each other at any time by many means of communication.
  • I took strenuous efforts in planning and developing various events and functions involving alumni members.
  • I am responsible for meeting the administrative requirements.

I had also worked as an alumni relations coordinator in a reputed school in New York from the year 2001 to 2004 and during my tenure, I had attended the following duties successfully.

  • I had arranged special events for the final year students, in which I had made former students to participate.
  • With the help of old students, I had technically supported the management in fund raising programs.
  • I had utilised all types of social media tools to enable the alumni members to contact each other.
  • I had maintained a perfect record of donations received, contact details of alumni members, expenditure statements for the alumni events and communication particulars with the alumni association members.
  • I was responsible in making the students understand the alumni benefits and educated them.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from a University in Illinois.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Service Management from the same University.

Nowadays, resume has become an essential part of your dossier, which is nothing but an overview of your skills and experience. The very purpose of enclosing a resume, in your job hunt, is to gain an interview call from your prospective employer. Likewise, if you are applying for an alumni relations manager position, you are required to craft a well defined alumni relations manager resume to be reviewed by the hiring managers.

The importance of alumni relations manager resume is that it should catch the hiring manager's eye, and present your completeness and truthfulness. Most of the hiring managers skim the resumes and look for the desired qualifications and experience that satisfy their job requirements and therefore, see that the details of alumni relations manager resume contain all the details that are fully relevant to the job you are applying for.

Even if your work experience is lengthy, point out your significant experiences that are related to the job requirements and reserve the rest to be explained at the time of interview, as the resource managers do not like to go through lengthy resume in the midst of their busy schedules.

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