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Airport Project Manager Resume

Job Description

When a project of construction of an airport is taken up, the first person to be present from the start to the finish of the airport is the airport project manager. He or she is the complete in charge of the entire project. These managers have to take many decisions regarding the construction of the airport and they are answerable only to the management that has taken up the construction work of the airport.

Nowadays, all the airports are equipped with restaurants, shopping malls, guest rooms, etc., and the airport project managers are responsible for proper planning for providing these amenities along with the airport. The airport project manager has to co-ordinate with all the engineers, architects and other technicians appointed by the construction company.

The managers also have the responsibility to hire laborers and designate work to them. He or she has to work with the engineers in overseeing the construction work. They have to solve the problems that arise then and there, and ensure the timely completion of the project. The foremost responsibility of the project manager is to see that all safety measures are installed and ensure that they are done in right places.

Drew L
602, Walnut Hill Drive
Phone: 513-235-7939

Job Objective

I am in search of a position of an airport project manager in a reputed construction company to show my skills and grow with the company.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • I am experienced in maintaining and managing airport terminals and airfield projects.
  • I am very much thorough with building codes and applications.
  • I have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and Auto CAD and other computer applications and use of computer languages.
  • I am flexible and can work in any condition.
  • I can co-operate with any team in executing works, and at the same time have the capacity to work independently.
  • My communication and interpersonal skills are excellent and can maintain a good relationship with every one working in the project.

Professional Experience

I am working as an airport project manager with a reputed construction company in New York from January, 2006 to till date and my responsibilities are given below.

  • I am the administrator for all the airport projects undertaken by the company and responsible for various activities of the management in respect of construction and maintenance.
  • I have myself designed some facilities and evaluated the other designs submitted to the facilities.
  • I have given useful ideas to the clients in selecting the appropriate consultants.
  • As regards to procurement of materials for construction work, I have monitored the work processes of the staff.
  • I am providing plans for commissioning of airport facilities and equipment.
  • I have coordinated with all the staff and departments on airport projects.

I had also worked as an airport project manager with Universal services in Boston from the year 2001 to 2005 and was a key factor in discharging the following responsibilities.

  • I had actively participated in many federal and State Airport aid programs and learnt about the salient features of the airport projects to be undertaken by the company.
  • I was in charge of preparing the budgets for the projects and identified the financial resources for commissioning the projects.
  • With my experience and skills, I was able to identify the airport hazards and took immediate remedial measures in rectifying the defects.
  • I am aware of airport safety measures and maintained a clear record on safety regulations and construction projects.
  • I was very particular in fulfilling all the regulations framed by Federal and State authorities.

Educational Qualifications

I have a Bachelor's degree in Project Management and graduated from the College of Business Management in Boston.
I have also a M.S. degree in Aviation Management from the same college.


References will be submitted on demand.

When you are submitting your resume to the employer, you are allotted only a few seconds to review your resume. During this shortest time, your resume should attract the attention of the reviewers. When you are applying for the post of an airport manager, it is needless to say that you have to design a well drafted airport project manager resume to draw the attention of the employers.

Every one is aware that how significant the post of an airport project manager is. The importance of airport project manager resume is that it should contain a clear version of your accomplishments. You are required to exhibit your skills, abilities and experience in the maintenance and construction of airport projects, while explaining the details of airport project manager resume.

The resume, you enclose, should convince the employer that you are the most suitable person to take up the job as required by the employer. Of course, your resume should contain only the true information about you and express your positive attitude and passion towards the job.

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