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Air Freight Manager Resume

An Air Freight Manager, having an in depth understanding of carrier and logistics system management, handles the tasks relating to freight management services for air planes. Such services are provided to ensure quick and safe shipments and delivery of materials on time. His/her responsibilities include essential managerial functions, coordinated to control processes and managing strong customer relations with the parties. Thus, as a manager, he/she is supposed to manage the air freight team and to provide useful guidance to the workforce to ensure efficient and timely services. Establishment of safety and control, building good customer relations, offering advisory support, and developing new area of business growth and development are some of the key duties that he/she is required to accomplish as a part of daily jobs. However, while writing an air freight manager resume, he/she should not forget to clarify his/her professional practices and understanding of the work.

Here, have a quick look at some of the major responsibilities relating to air freight management work to get new insight into the jobs and to understand new areas of growth for prospective career.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Offering managerial and administration support to organize all essential functions relating to air freight control and business management
  • Establishing continuous track record system that ensures effective and timely transportation services
  • Training air freight team to combine their efforts to handle responsibilities relating to services management
  • Overseeing all legal and procedural formalities in connection with shipments and logistics
  • Negotiating for procedural developments and shipment contracts to increase profitability with good customer relationship management techniques

Thus, he/she needs to have a professional understanding of logistics system, services, and the different transportation policies followed in the countries, that support his/her technical handling of coordination functions.

Here, look at the sample provided below to understand the key requisites of writing an effective and powerful resume, that serves the recruiter's basic needs to identify the candidate's capacities to handle the potential job responsibilities.

Antonio M. Browning
159 Elk Rd Little
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: 520-356-2782
Email Address:


With strong market built research abilities and professional talent to manage all the essential functions in relation to air freight management, looking for opportunities to contribute towards organizational profitability with necessary personal growth and development.


  • Assisted an Air Freight Manager
  • Professional administration of import and export functions
  • Handled staff training and management functions
  • Updated understanding of international logistics and transportation management
  • Managed strategic business development functions and execution


  • Professional skills to coordinate functions and lead team members
  • Strong negotiating power and management capabilities
  • Effective networking and customer relationship management skills
  • Problem solving aptitude to technical management
  • Business policy and strategic handling of matters
  • Expertise in shipping and logistics management services

Technical Skills:

  • Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations
  • MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point Presentation Management
  • Familiarity with International Foreign Exchange Management


  • A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from University of Advancing Technology
  • Received training in Advanced Logistics and Materials Management
  • Completion of Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management with enhancement of business development skills and training support

Professional Experience:

International Freight Forwarding Services Pvt. Ltd. Tucson, AZ
Designation: Assistant Air Freight Manager

2009-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Determining the client's needs and requirements in association with logistics services
  • Overseeing issues of loading and unloading of materials to ensure necessary safety and precautions
  • Training the air freight team to develop efficient coordination to enhance customer satisfaction and value creation services
  • Providing materials and logistic management support to manage international affairs
  • Understanding the business development needs with establishment of the required track record monitoring system

Universal Air Freight Services Pvt. Ltd. Providence, RI
Designation: Assistant Logistics Manager and Dispatch Supervisor

Role and Responsibilities

  • Supervised and controlled dispatch operations of goods and materials
  • Developed an effective track record management system with the help of automated systems support techniques
  • Improved operational efficiency with expediting shipments and control functions
  • Executed the organization's business development strategies and tactical jobs
  • Provided technical support operations to avoid delays and to ensure efficient services


  • Awarded with Negotiator and Manager of the Year 2011, for negotiating strong terms and conditions that resulted into considerable profitability increase with improved technical service efficiency

Mobility and Flexibility:

Responsible to handle independent administration functions with capabilities to generate good results. Ready to act flexibly to offer enhanced customer satisfaction with well built business networks.

Antonio M. Browning

An air freight manager resume sample is supposed to deal with professional understanding of technical and operational functions that he/she is needed to integrate to offer highly valued freight services. Expediting shipments or air freight operational support functions can be dealt effectively to convey his/her strong hold on the given position. His/her knowledge about international transportation and logistic affairs is considered fundamental, while analyzing suitability for the post. Thus, the resume should create a strong appeal that the recruiter finds it interesting, to know more about him/her.

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