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After Sales Manager Resume

After Sales Manager, being a sales personnel is responsible for handling sales functions and contributing towards attainment of organizational sales objectives. But specific reason behind creation of this post is monitoring of after sales services and settlement of sale transactions, to enhance a loyal customer base. Such value satisfaction is provided with provision of after sales services and effective implementation of sales strategy. Hence, establishment of post-sales services and their systematic administration is done, to complement post sales marketing and promotion functions. So, while applying for the position, one should know the responsibilities relating to after sales functions and the specific skills needed to release those functions.

Thus, have a look at the specified activities that an After Sales Manager is supposed to complete as a part of his/her employment in organization.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Motivating sales personnel to provide on time services and encouraging them to excel their performance in the field.
  • Ensuring technical expertise services and practices from technical staff to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Handling post-sales promotions and marketing jobs to enter into new contracts, renewal of existing contracts etc.
  • Keeping a track record of organizational sales functions and overseeing sales accounting issues.
  • Ascertaining efficient support from technicians by fostering increased loyalty and performance.

Thus, as a manager, he/she integrates all the sales functions to contribute effectively towards organizational objectives. So, his/ her role as a team leader is highly essential to increase loyal customer base and to attract potential customers with the help of word of mouth marketing. Here, refer to the given sample to know how to write an after sales manager resume sample. Go through it to create your own sample.

William P. Brown
4098 Romines Mill Road
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 235-133-2942
Email Address:


With cultivated sense of quality and performance management, searching for the position of an After Sales Manager in a manufacturing industry, where I can prove my potential at handling after sales services and creation of loyal customer base to contribute towards sustainable development of organization in the long run.


  • Wide gained experience in handling sales functions and issues
  • Assisted After Sales Manager and Sales Executives
  • Proficient and process driven management of post-sale services, administration, and marketing.
  • Good research aptitude and networking management
  • Proficient in developing advertising and marketing modules


  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities to lead a team
  • Market oriented understanding and abilities to offer result based performances
  • Expertise in strategic and tactical level management
  • Customer relationship management with highly developed technical performance
  • Administration and time management skills to accomplish the target based jobs

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office functions management
  • 3D designing and basic computer programs management
  • Database management (DBMS)
  • Excellent data warehousing and data mining


  • Completed Masters in Business Management from Texas Southern University with majors in Sales and Marketing Management in 1998.
  • Graduated in Business Administration from University of Pittsburgh in 1996
  • Received Sales and Promotions training from Radford University
  • Selected for completion of a national level research program to develop competitive pricing strategies for manufacturing industries.
  • Witnessed a workshop on advanced marketing trends and sales support management to enhance sales functions.

Professional Experience:

Roland Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Dallas, TX
Designation: Assistant After Sales Manager

2011-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Providing industry leading services and technical support to enhance value satisfaction
  • Ensuring timely delivery and technical support to satisfy the customer needs and demands with respect to after sales services.
  • Identifying present market demands to establish effective sales services to increase customer satisfaction with rectification of errors.
  • Developing tools and techniques to offer result based performances with well updated understanding of market scenario.

Universal Technology Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Baltimore, MD
Designation: Assistant Sales Executive

Role and Responsibilities

  • Offered training and instructional support to sales force and technicians
  • Dealing with after sales operations and services to ensure efficient sales support
  • Managed existing customers and attracted potential buyers with word of mouth marketing.
  • Designed and implemented effective sales strategies to ensure business development in the long run.
  • Provided the management with relevant feedback to manage the budgets and costs of services provided.


  • Recipient of 'Coordinator of the Year' for development of innovative after sales services to get competitive advantage in the market and to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Awarded with 'Salesman of the Year 2009' for the development of technical applications to enhance customer service efficiency and management of an effective feedback monitoring system for continuous improvement.


  • Active member of a technical institution, providing training and development support to sales personnel and enhancing technical application support to increase performance efficiency.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

William P. Brown

An After Sales Manager, as an administration head of sales personnel, oversees coordination functions and ensures good customer services. His/her contribution is essential for the development of loyal customer base and fulfillment of organizational objectives in relation to sales. So, while writing resume, keep your focus on the creation of powerful skill set that comprehends positional requirements and offers the most consistent resume.

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